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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

5X work on a proto-type for their biscuit project

We have been going all 'Alan Sugar' mixed with 'Mary Berry' in 5X this week (so Alan Berry or Mary Sugar?).  As part of the theme 'Money, Money, Money', we are designing a biscuit to 'sell' at Christmas. Stage 1- was the taste test of what there is already; stage 2- was the market research and now we are on to the really fun bit...stage 3- making and trying the biscuits.

Each group made a basic biscuit mix, then either added ingredients into the mix or on to the finished biscuit.  All the staff were really impressed with the team work and cooking skills that were shown, plus we think the class enjoyed testing the products to decide on their final design. 

Watch this space for more updates on our projects next week.