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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Candice Yorke reports on 5X's PE session

To start of with we are having a warm up normally we play stuck n the mud, but this time theres a twist !  Instead of playing regular stuck n the mud  we are playing secret stuckers ! So Mr Higgins will whisper into six peoples ears and say wether you are a stucker or not . A lot of people say that it is better with the secret stuckers .

The last few rounds, Mr Higgins has spiced it up a little bit especially the last round ! He made every one STUCKERS !

Now for the second game every one is in partners so Mr Higgins will say a lot of defriend things like "heads , shoulders ,toes and legs " but that you want to listen out for is "blue or gold /yellow." Now there are going to be a couple of rounds and each round every one will will get a new partner people say that that the last two games have been a lot of fun . On the second game there are a couple of cheaters, but there not to bad on the last round the cone are worth five points , nearly every one wants to be in the shade.

It's time for the finale game / thing ! Its reap raises Mr Higgins has said " winners or losers don't matter" Just so that no one will feel bad .Every one is cheering for there teams .It was a tight race but red team won the first round with white in second and green in third and the scorse were the same again.

I rate this lesson 10 out of 10 !!!