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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Hope you enjoy these

Hope you all have had a great Easter weekend.

It is the second week of the Easter Holidays, so before we return to more maths and English based activities next week (watch out for updates in the next couple of days), here are a few more fun activities to do throughout this week.

It has been nice to hear (and see) some of the things you guys have been up to last week. Please keep in contact via email.

Week 2 Activities

  1. Write a paragraph starting with this sentence… “If I were a bee, I would…”
  2. Write a story about Spring from the perspective of the sun
  3.  You are flying a kite above your town. What can you see? What can you hear? What is the weather like?
  4. Write a story called ‘The Angry Caterpillar’
  5. Take some photos of a walk you have been on 
  6. Make your own kite
  7. Make a recycled rocket - can you make it fly?
  8. Create a healthy lockdown meal for your family
  9. Create a mask or puppet - can you make more than one and turn it into a show?
  10. Design and make a parachute to protect an egg when dropped


Have fun!