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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

New Home Learning Platform after Easter

After the Easter holidays, we are going to be using Google Classroom to set, receive and support with your home learning.

This platform should be an enhancement as to what we are using at the moment and as we get to grips with it we will be able to offer more enhanced support. 

You should be receiving an email with login details for each child. From there please login and join the class they have been invited too. Once you have done this please email us at:  or

If you have any problems please get in touch as well.

Please be assured that although this platform can be used online and with the use of technology we are endeavouring to make it as user friendly and for most tasks to be completed 'offline' with only the instructions and support materials posted online.

Below is the attachment that you should have received with the email explaining briefly what Google Classroom is and how to log in.

Enjoy the rest of the Easter break.