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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Keep it up

Well done to all of 6Y and the great work you keep submitting.

Here are some highlights/shout outs:

Taylor with his always completed work (with added Star Wars)

Shante working hard to submit all work.

Draven doing some extra curricular DIY.

Darius always going above and beyond.

Mark trying his best.

Zoe being very creative.

Joesph showing what he is capable of.

Halle working hard and doing great with Roman numerals.

Maddie working hard to do her best.

Tania showing that she can produce great work from home.

Ethan improving with his maths.

Amelija always turning her work in.

Raheel showing that he can do it.

Matthew setting a really high standard with all his work.

Toprak consistently handing his in.

Ryas producing some good pieces.

Ellis continuing to impress me.

Maria showing what fantastic progress she is making.

Jack keeping up his incredibly high standard at home.

Alex showing his consistency and ensuring he keeps that standard at home.

Erin working on her tasks and doing fantastic.


Well done for those of you who are keeping in touch with your fantastic work. Keep it up.

PS I'm sorry if I've missed anyone or anything.