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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Google Classroom Best Entries

As one of the tasks on Google Classroom, Year 6 were set the National Writing day task of writing a 24 word story in 7 minutes.

I have picked some of my favourite entries that were received below. I do want to make a point that the stories were meant to be about ' a day in the life of an astronaut' however I have picked some entries that were not about that topic as they were so good.

Well done all who submitted an entry!


If you walk through the jungle, in the dead-of-night… Listen closely you may hear cries, of the lost spirits who roam this jungle freely. 

By Erin

One day, yellow boots bought. Out onto the road he runs. Sirens, lights. Mum opens door. One yellow boot, middle of road. Mum’s tears.


One day, I was floating around in my swimming pool. Then, I saw something glide over my house. It turned out to be Elton John.


One day, I awoke from my slumber and took out my telescope and found an astronaut hanging onto the moon on one string UwU!


Thunder crack strike; out of its weeping cloud prison, the devil of lightening (pure corrupted evil)

staggered from the lighting strike’s searing blue flames.


One day, I arrived at Tudor to find it had collapsed, a smoking pile of rubble in its place, and Mr Munro holding dynamite...


One day there was a lonely cat, it was a very fat cat and it went to the theatre and that changed its life.


One day, a big, chunky cookie fell out of the sky,as big as a plane, and whoever could eat it was all powerful cookie lord.