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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Another great day of home learning!

I have been really impressed with some of the work I was sent yesterday.

Alex worked incredibly hard on his film trailer of The Easter Story - go onto the Twitter page to see!! 

Charlie has been making some beautiful origami flowers, Anisia has made another amazing creation out of lego and Louie has written a speech by the Tiny Turtle.


Spelling Shed - we have now slipped to 12th place :(    Well done to Wiki who is currently our highest spelling scorer and is 22nd in the whole school!

Maths Shed - we are currently in 2nd place! (yay!) ;)     Well done to Charlie, who is currently our highest maths scorer and is 3rd in the school, and to Isabel, who is currently our second highest maths scorer and is 4th in the school! 

Well done to Chloe as well, who has been working particularly hard on Lexia!

Mrs Edwards and I were challenge to complete the Cup Song:

Click on the link to find out how we got on - are you up for the challenge...?!

Looking forward to seeing what you send over today! :) 

Miss Cohen :)