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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Some activities to do during the first week of Easter


Below are some ideas of fun and creative ideas you could do during the first week of the Easter holidays. Remember it is very important to stay active everyday and to remember the 5 ways to well being. (Who can remember what they are?)

These activities are designed to be fun and you may want to even check out some of the other blogs for more fun and creative ideas. Also please keep sending us emails as we love to here from you.

PS at the bottom of the activities is a link to a Challenge Miss Cohen set Mr Munro...

Week 1 Activities

  1. Design your own Easter Egg
  2. Create a fact file about Spring (include pictures/diagrams, plants and animals etc)
  3. Write a set of instructions for a robot to complete tasks around your house – then test them out on someone in your house – do they work?
  4. Learn the Cup Song (Like MIss Cohen and Mrs Edwards)
  5. Design a spring outfit – label and describe it
  6. Write a story about finding a magic egg. Why is it magic? What does it do? How do you know it is magic? What happens next?
  7. Make some origami. You could decorate your own paper too! This website has some great ideas. Our favourite is the shark design!  
  8. Design an exercise circuit in your house or in the garden for you and your family to complete. Send them in to your teacher so Mr Higgins can see – maybe he will attempt it himself? 
  9. Collect some natural objects (e.g. leaves, twigs) and make a picture or collage in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.  
  10. Design and make a board game for your whole family to play


And heres the link - Taylor you may enjoy this: