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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Rewarding... in so many ways!

Whilst so much is going on, we must recognise the fruits of our efforts...

Another week has passed and my next web update is due. As the news item on Wednesday highlighted, there is no place quite like a primary school during the festive period. I must also add that, due to our increased numbers, that Tudor Primary has issues with 'squeezing things in' a little bit tighter than most schools! I am delighted, though, to say that all has gone extremely well so far. The key stage 1 performances were super and I am sure both the EYFS show and the KS2 concert will delight all those who attend. 

The approach to the Christmas dinner was new this year and it was a resounding success. The school was served in two separate sittings and the kitchen staff were able to deliver a fantastic meal to all. As shared in recent correspondance, I was keen for all of the children in school to receive a free meal as a thank you for their efforts this Autumm term. I think they also enjoyed being served by their teachers and TAs- it certainly was a day that we all came together.

Speaking of 'working together', the Year 2 reading drive has been a joy to see. This was implemented to help increase the reading ability (and enjoyment!)of all of the children in year 2. Raffle tickets have been handed out and prizes have been won but, most importantly, the impact on the progress of reading has thrilled the year 2 team. It will come as no surprise therefore, that we will be looking to continue this on into the new year. I can assure you that this will also please the children immensely- one child was a little tearful last Friday when he said, 'Please can we carry this on because I want to keep reading to daddy.'

You may also be aware that many of the children in upper key stage 2 have been taking advantage of a free breakfast club. I want Tudor to be able to deliver bespoke support opportunities to the community and the 'uptake' of this idea has been astounding. The children are able to make their own breakfast and engage in early activities so that they are ready and prepared for a day of learning. Such ideas are helping the children in so many ways and I plan to widen the offer of such ideas to more children in the future. I must, though, ensure that approriate measures are in place so such additional provision is of high quality and it is also delivered correctly. 

I have also been adding a lot more information to he school website. Do make sure you visit this site regularly as more and more useful support/ guidance can be found on it. New policies and practicies that have been put in place are shared and I know that many of you have also been enjoying the blogs for each year group. I have heard reports that the teachers of year 5 and year 3 are currently involved in a 'blog-off' to see who can share the most amazing work on the site. Have a look to see who you think is winning...

Looking back, a lot has happened at Tudor since September. The staff have responded pro actively to new ideas and I think the classrooms are reflecting the efforts that have been put in. In know that our Vice- Chair of Governors was very impressed when he completed a 'walk-round' of the school yesterday.

As a letter to Years 1 and 2 stated yesterday, Mrs Abad-Murillo has been offered a promotion to Assistant Headteacher at a school closer to her home. We wish her all the best in her new school. We are also very sad to be losing the services of Mrs Shahida Rehman who is looking forward to a well-earned retirement. I am sure that she will still stay in touch!

To conclude, I must take this moment to thank the governing body for their support in this first term of mine as headteacher. They have been supportive in enabling me to deliver the vision I have for Tudor Primary and, whilst we have still have a lot to do, the direction has been set and I feel confident in what the future holds- for all of us! 

Rob Weightman


Friday 9th December