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Newsletter 18- 25th June

Dear Parents/ Carers and CHILDREN of Tudor Primary,

Another two weeks have passed since our last newsletter and those ‘green shoots of normality’ are really starting to grow. I cannot understate how uplifting it is to see more and more children walk back into school. Without exception the positive impact on the lives of these children (and families) is clear to see. We have worked hard to ensure that as many children as possible have been able to reconnect with their teachers and friends- as highlighted later in this newsletter, the impact of 6 months out of ‘normal’ schooling could have a huge negative impact on a child’s social and academic development. We remain pro-active in helping things feel as normal as possible, and enable all the children to remain part of their school.

The logistical arrangements of school reopening have been rather challenging. From children being given separate classroom spaces with their own separate learning resources to making sure that they can enjoy breaktimes and lunchtimes safely, it really has been a challenge but is one that is certainly worth doing.

Whilst previous correspondence has shared that we support the views of parents in assessing what is right for their own family, it is worrying to hear that some children have been given the ‘choice’ themselves when it comes to deciding about attendance at school (or even completion of home learning). I make no apology that I am rather ‘old-school’ but I do find it hard to agree with children between the ages of 4 and 11 being enabled to make such decisions- children need to be guided and it is those difficult moments in life that really help mould and shape their futures. It is important to say that this is not related to coronavirus and the health situation in the world at the moment, it is the mixed messages that children are receiving from those most important in their lives. When asked by parents about what I really want for the children of Tudor, I always refer to them being ABLE to be truly aspirational. Surely we all want that don’t we?!

Whilst we cannot guarantee perfection (!), the staff have been committed to achieving what is appropriate and reasonable. Once again, I have to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to the staff team who continue to work so hard. There has not been a single member of staff who has refused to be involved in our collective effort to support the children and families of our school. It would not be correct to share the ‘extremes’ that some of our measures in helping families and particular situations but I have to say that I am extremely proud to be able to work alongside each and every one of the team here.

In respect of our team, it is with great disappointment that Miss Sarah Adams will be relocating to a new school in Beaconsfield from September. She started at Tudor on the same day as me and she has been a huge influence on raising standards in Key Stage 1. Her new school is incredibly fortunate to have her and I wish her well. Thankfully, she informed me of her relocation at an early stage and this has enabled me to recruit a super replacement. Miss Jenny Bail was successful in interview back in April and I am very confident that you will be delighted with the impact that she will make at Tudor. Please be assured you will soon receive a letter sharing information about the team for next year.   FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR THE CLASS ALLOCATIONS

From Monday 6th July- Year 3 and Year 4 to return as next stage of phased reopening

The final stage of our phased return to school will now be for children in year 3 and year 4. Whilst we are guided by government directives, we are able to offer EVERY child some time in school before the end of the year. Each learning space has a significantly reduced number of children and even though we remain unable to guarantee consistent 2m social distancing for children our classrooms remain inviting.

Do refer to the information below for which 2 days your child is able to come to school. Please understand that not all classes have an equal ‘spread’ of surnames. Those families that have children in different year groups who may ‘need’ to come in on different days will be contacted by the office. We will not be able to meet requests from parents to adjust their allocated days. Additional information remains on our website.

Class                            Cohort 1 Surnames                              Cohort 2 Surnames

3S                                 A- Ha = Monday/ Tuesday                  Ho-Z= Wednesday/ Thursday

3T                                 A-Kh= Monday/Tuesday                      Ko-Z- Wednesday/ Thursday

4U                                A- G= Monday/ Tuesday                     H-Z= Wednesday/ Thursday

4V                                A-He=  Monday/ Tuesday                   Ho-Z= Wednesday/ Thursday

2 days of in-school provision will be supplemented with additional home learning.

Summer Learning- trying to minimise the long term impact of missed schooling…

In many ways, the most important information to share with the parent community is the evidence of the impact of missed educational experiences on your children. We are DETERMINED to work effectively to try and ensure that the impact of such an extended school closure does not affect your child’s potential (and outcomes). From the outset, Tudor Primary has aimed to ensure that we have maintained the vital relationship between home and school. We remain aspirational for the summer holiday period too. Therefore, the school will be further investing in up to £10000 worth of summer revision materials for your children. EVERY child will receive a substantial pack of colourful pre printed materials that will support them with revision of the key concepts from the last academic year. It will obviously be up to you if you want your child to complete such work but I hope that you will all strongly consider doing so. The impact of school closure on this generation of young learners is likely to be quite substantial- we can do our best though to ensure that the Tudorites have been protected as much as possible. We all care about then so deeply. These materials will be given to children at the end of term. Those children not attending school will be able to collect them- we do not want anyone to miss out.

Trying to keep things as ‘normal’ as possible

Whilst a number of normal events and opportunities have not been able to take place, we are committed to providing year 6 a fun opportunity to enjoy together. Even though this will take place at a later point we will make sure they receive something memorable.

The office team have even been able to ensure that children can still receive class photos. You should have now received an email with instructions how to purchase the Summer 2020 class photo- payment and delivery is all direct via

Please ensure all dinner money is up to date. Y2 children also need to re-register for benefit related free school meals if they believe they are still/newly eligible. Visit or email the office - you will need to supply your Full Name, DOB and National Insurance number for us to make a claim on your behalf. 

Stay safe everybody- and stay #TeamTudor!                              Mr Weightman