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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

CAN YOU HELP? - Creating a MAGICAL resource...

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A request from the staff of Tudor Primary School (but mostly Mr Denny, Miss Reading and Miss Sentance):

Dear Members of the Tudor COMMUNITY,

As Tudor Primary School strives forward in these challenging times we find ourselves appreciating outside space even more and luckily we have an abundance of it. 

Team Tudor‘a plan is to create a literacy garden which would incorporate the nature section at the side of our playing field. 

We feel this would benefit all at Tudor and provide additional outside space for everyone. We would like to create a sensory, educational, peaceful and social environment for our children to enjoy all year round.  

This area is wooded with an existing pathway to the nature garden but it needs a lot of repair with current logs rotten and areas overgrown.  

I am writing to you for a very specific reason... we need help !!!

We need anyone that could help with seating, long logs for pathways, large logs, wood chippings, canopies, rope ladders, willow arches and anything else you think could help, especially sensory items. 

Staff at Tudor are very excited and are planning to meet for a couple of days voluntarily in the summer holidays to help clear the area.

 If you are able to help with any of the above please could you contact the school office and leave your details and we will contact you ASAP.