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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

First Newsletter of the SUMMER term!

Summer term is underway- we have lots in store for your children!

Newsletter 16

Thursday 15th April

Dear Parents/ Carers,

This newsletter will be our final ‘paper version’. We are proud of our communication with parents and we feel that use of email/ texts to share the newsletters will be the most EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT way. If you would still like a paper copy, do request one via the office. (And make sure your contact details are up to date!) STAY informed- it’s YOUR SCHOOL.

It feels strange to highlight that we are in the final term of the academic year but I sense a real positive atmosphere around school and the team is determined to give your children a stimulating and inspiring experience before the year ends. There is little doubt that there is a lot to fit in but our key focus must be on supporting the children to be successful- socially and academically. School does feel bright- and it’s not just because of new lights and signage.

Summer Learnin’- it happens so fast!

The school continues to plan for high quality catch up strategies and these will range from individual/ small group tutoring sessions to daily learning clubs to supplement and support your children. The school is keen to ensure that your children are able to access the Tudor teaching team as much as possible and we want the extra provision to be driven by those teachers that know your children the most. I firmly believe that this evidences the ongoing care and commitment that the staff have towards your children. My duty as Headteacher is to ensure that there is a fair balance on expectation from all sides and the teachers do not take on too much!

The most important factor in your children’s progress when at school is the quality first teaching that they experience each day and I pledge that all of the children will be able to benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum. For example, we did not welcome the children back in March with tests to find out what the impact of the school closure was- the children deserve to be excited about school (!) and, as their feedback told us, they mostly were looking forward to seeing their friends again- and rightly so! EVERY day at school does make a difference though and we hope that ALL parents support the school by enabling their children to attend and join in with any additional opportunities that we plan for them.

Attendance (and punctuality) is improving- I shared the following table with children in a recent assembly. It highlights the impact on a child’s education of being late each day.

A few minutes a day soon add up over time. Feel confident that I shared the responsibility of the children in helping parents at the start of each day- it’s about working together. I am pleased to say that we have seen good commitment to attendance from more families since the most recent lockdown. I would REALLY hope that, whilst some families may start considering ‘catching up’ on a holiday, they would consider the negative impact of such decisions considering the amount of time children have already missed. We all like to enjoy a holiday (at the right time!) but children have a RIGHT to an education and they only get one chance in life for that. Education IS life changing!         

A reminder about parking and ensuring ease of access to the school

I think it is a good time to remind parents about the need for parking sensitively (and safely) when dropping off or collecting children. To support the flow of traffic, do consider driving UP Redwood Drive rather than against the flow of traffic when you leave.

If walking is not an option, park a little way away from school (where there is always lots of space) and walk the final bit. PLEASE DO NOT park across the driveways of local residents- I am sure you would not appreciate this outside your own homes.

INCLUSION at Tudor- a message from Miss Reading, our Inclusion Lead:

Please look at the SEND and Family Support Links section of the school website, where I have uploaded information leaflets regarding free sessions that Dacorum Family Services are providing via Zoom. These sessions will cover a variety of topics, including routines, sleep, worry, transitions, family wellbeing and encouraging positivity. If you require any additional information relating to these sessions or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me via

Year 6 parents- let’s give year 6 a SUPER send off. They SO deserve it!

It is fair to say that the school closures have impacted on our current year 6 more than any other year group. Sports fixtures have had to be cancelled, extra experiences have not been able to go ahead and they haven’t been able to sit on the benches at the back of the hall- and ALL the children look forward to that! This is why we are very hopeful that they will still be able to experience the residential trip to the JCA activity centre. School has heavily subsidised the increase in costs and will also be treating the children to those precious ‘leaver hoodies’- we want to show our appreciation to these awesome children. If you are a parent of a year 6 child, do keep an eye out for further information next week about making sure your children can be fully involved in our end of year festivities. Once #TeamTudor ALWAYS #TeamTudor!

Wednesday Wheels and Freewheel Fridays- please read the additional guidance

We have shared some additional information about how we will be asking parents to work with us when we provide access to the grounds for the biking and scootering opportunities. Our vision is for the school to be a safe play area where children can enjoy wheeling around with their friends. Hemel Hempstead has Gadebridge Park but WE also have the Tudor Park! Whilst there will be additional staff to monitor and support, children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will need to be supported by parents. We really hope this will be a fun and enjoyable way to help the children be active and reconnect with each other.

The school will be investing heavily in educational catch up opportunities but we are also delighted to be able to offer a wide range of subsidised/ free sporting opportunities in this summer term. For those activities that do require a small cost, please ensure payments have reached the school office by Friday 30th April. The clubs start NEXT week. Let’s have some FUN!

And finally- A big well done to Harry in year 5 who has accelerated in so many ways his love (and enjoyment) of reading. Over the recent period he has immersed himself in a range of books and he is currently flying through texts by authors ranging from Walliams to Tolkien. Even more impressive is listening to him talk so passionately about what he has read. There REALLY is NO better homework than reading- books can truly transport you anywhere…

Mr Weightman                      #TeamTudor