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Tudor Primary School

Newsletter 21 now ONLINE (June 29th)

Important news to share including 2021-2022 class allocations

Newsletter 21-

Tuesday 29th June 2021

Dear Parents/ Carers,

There have been some truly wonderful moments in school recently. Despite the challenges that our school is facing, our young learners are really flourishing. As well as some phenomenal results in our school assessment week last week, the children of Tudor have been able to benefit from a range of ‘extra’ opportunities. The ‘Tudor Summer Christmas Day’ was even better than we originally imagined- everyone really seemed to enjoy what was on offer and I have received a number of emails about how well the day went. The theatre production was fun, the kitchen team performed wonders with their festive lunch and the parties and secret present swap (in our ‘Santa Surf Shack’) meant the children were smiling ALL day. The ‘Santa in the Sun’ dressing up theme proved popular too!


Year 6 were also able to enjoy a fantastic weekend for their residential journey. We are all delighted that they have been able to experience what is an essential part of year 6 and, along with their current skiing lessons, they are able to experience some real treats at the end of their primary school journey.  

Year 1 and Year 2 children all had a great time at Windsor Castle and Year 3 and Year 4 are sure to enjoy their ‘Egyptian Day’ on Friday of this week too. I am sure we are all looking forward to a wider experience of normality but I remain pleased that, with careful planning, and total commitment from the Tudor teaching team, your children have been able to create more magical memories in this period of ‘restriction’. And we still have 3 awesome weeks to enjoy! Let’s keep giving our all…

The Tudor Teaching Team for 2021/2022

As I have shared previously, a key part of my role is ensuring Tudor benefits from a highly talented and professional staff team. I am delighted with the team we have in place for next year and I am pleased to share it with you below. The class in brackets is their class for THIS academic year- for example, Miss Scott will be teaching current 1O in 2R NEXT year. Following their successful year in reception, families will find out if their child is in 1O or 1P in a separate email.






Miss Buckley/ Miss Pike


Miss Price/ Miss Adams


Miss Foy


Miss Houston


Miss Manzie


Miss Cosby (1P)


Miss Scott (1O)


Miss Bail (2R)


Mr Stearn (2Q)


Miss Hunt (3S)


Miss Grundy (3T)


Miss McKenzie (4U)


Mr Crowder (4V)


Mr Munro (5W)


Miss Cohen (5X)

We remain able to offer EVERY single class at least one full time teaching assistant and we pledge that every year group will have high levels of adult capacity. We are very excited about what the new year will bring to our Tudorites- our team continues to go from strength to strength.

INCLUSION at Tudor- a message from Miss Reading, our Inclusion Lead

If you would like to find out what special educational needs and disabilities services are available for young people and their families in Hertfordshire (including courses, activities, education and financial support), please do look at 'The Local Offer' website where you will find a wealth of information-   This academic year's final 'Tudor Coffee Morning' will take place in the nature garden on Friday 9th July at 9.15am. This will be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding your child's transition into the next year group, or just to see some friendly faces and have a chat (I will supply biscuits!) I hope to see you there!

Attendance- Mondayitus does not appear to be going away- if anything, it is spreading!

In the last few newsletters I have shared some attendance information regarding our increased rates of absence on Mondays. I initially imagined that this would increase the understanding for parents when making a decision on their child’s attendance at the start of the week. Disappointingly, however, the issue seems to be getting worse. It is highly unlikely for a particular day to have a higher level of illness- what I would predict is that it is harder to wake up at the start of the week and too many of our children are being ‘allowed’ to miss what is a very important day of the week. There is also evidence that multiple children from the same families also suffer from the same issue- again, this is unlikely to be the case. Please work WITH the school in support of your child’s progress. We really are making massive strides forward in this key area of childrens’ wellbeing and we are now a school with ABOVE national average attendance- let’s keep going!

Don’t forget these important dates- the children are excited to share their sporting skills

Our last day of term is Tuesday 20th July (at 2pm). Not all schools finish on the same day so do make sure you are aware of our term dates. Our sports day for years 1-6 is the day before and the Tuesday will see some very special school based celebrations for the end of the year. To confirm:

Nursery Sports- Thursday 15th July- 9.30-10.30     

Reception Sports- Friday 16th July- 9.30am-10.30

Monday 19th July:    

Y1/ Y2- 9.30am-10.30am    

Y3/ Y4- 11am- 12pm           

Y5/ Y6- 1.45pm-2.45pm

There will be a limit of 2 adults per family (per time period)                  No picnic lunch this year


Parent Consultation evenings will now be taking place online. End of year reports will be shared with you and, after the online meeting, you will receive a paper copy for your own records. Please use SchoolCloud - Tudor Primary School / to book your appointment. So far, about 50% of parents have booked this important meeting- we obviously expect all children to be represented. 

Hay Fever- Please ensure your child is prepared for the day if they experience hay fever. Use of 24hr medication will mean that teaching is less likely to be disrupted.

We appreciate the (many) messages of support

The last newsletter contained a rather ‘delicate’ message. Whilst I am unable to influence how parents communicate with each other, I did question the use of ‘unofficial’ communication sources such as whatsapp. It has been very evident since that newsletter just how many of the parent community agree with the issues that such use of social media can bring. Please do use the (many) forms of communication that we use- we remain determined for you all to be fully informed as well as having high levels of access to adults in school that need to interact with you.


It is pleasing that our ‘reputation’ online is so strong and we continue to have very high levels of interest in the school. LONG may that continue-as the photos above also evidence, the support from our TALENTED parent community is a key part of #TeamTudor!

Mr Weightman #TeamTudor