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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

The A-Zof Tudor Primary 2020-2021

It's that time of the year again... and WHO have won the latest Headteacher Awards?

WHAT a year it has been. Each year, we look back over the year and create the A-Z of Tudor memories. Here is the A-Z for 2020-2021:

A-Z of Tudor Primary 2020-2021

A- Attendance- we are now achieving SUPER attendance scores

B- Bubbles- We’ve all had to stay in separate areas and we just HOPE they do not burst

C- Coronavirus and COVID Restrictions- these have affected our lives in so many ways

D- Dennys- Mr Denny (and his children) are here SO early every day making sure school is ready!

E- England and the Euro final- we did so well and we nearly won it!

F- Fawns- as in ‘Little Fawns’ what a super start our new partner has made

G- Government Decisions- these are not always easy to follow. We do try our best!

H- Home Learning- Tudor Primary has offered the best home provision around

I- Interesting outfits- from Christmas to Egyptians to Ancient Greeks- you’ve looked amazing

J- Jay- Jay joined us from another school. He has truly found happiness at Tudor. Keep it up!

K- Kitchen team- our kitchen staff who have been awesome- over 10 separate dining areas…

L- Lateral Flow- EVERY week the staff have to complete 2 of these tests to help stay safe!

M- Maternity leave- it causes headaches for Headteachers- we’ve had lots of new arrivals ;)

N- Not being late- those children who are here on time (and here EVERY day) set the STANDARD!

O- Opportunities- from school trips to skiing, we’ve been determined to give a year to remember.

P- Phonics- Tudor is now getting the BEST phonics scores it ever has- well done to all!

Q- Queen- Yes! When our children visited Windsor Castle we saw her.

R- Rotas- we have spent SO MUCH time creating new rotas to make sure everything is fair.

S- Summer of Sport- Mr Higgins has helped get our school active after lockdown

T- Team- our school is ALWAYS about #TeamTudor

U- as in YOU! Your behaviour has been superb all year and we thank you for working HARD!

V- Van- An Ice Cream Van will turn up later- you ALL deserve a special summer treat

W- Wheelie Wednesdays and Friday Freewheels- we love our new club on 2/ 4 wheels

X- Xmas Day- we even had a summer festive experience

Y- Year 6- what a SUPER set of children you have been

Z- ZZZZZZZZZZ- we can all catch up on some sleep in the summer!

We have also given out the awards to the latest winners of the Tudor Primary Headteacher award- follow the link to the page.