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Keeping Our School Safe

Dropping off and collecting in Year 1...

This information is to help improve the experience for parent/carers in year 1 when dropping off and collecting children. We are aware that, due to where the year 1 classes are situated, the ‘playground entrance’ to that part of the school can become quite congested. This congestion obviously increases when additional adults come in to the school building. We hope that the following information improves the situation, whilst also allowing the parents of children in 1B to use the playground entrance.

From Thursday 15th September children of both 1A and 1B should be ‘dropped off’ at the playground entrance. From 8.45am each morning teaching assistants from both classes will be present to welcome the children into the school. This will mean the ‘flow’ of movement will be one way towards the classes. Once inside, the children are able to place their coats, etc on their peg themselves and then enter their classroom and start on the activities that have been prepared. The teaching assistants will remain on the playground doors until 8.55 (the official start time for school) and they will also continue to be present for another 5 minutes until 9am when these doors are securely locked.

At the end of the day, the children will be handed back to parents by the classteachers from these same doors. 1B parents should not use the front of the school for collection anymore. To support this, we ask that you remain on the playground and not descend the steps into the entrance area. This will enable the children to move freely and safely onto the playground as well as increase the field of vision so we are able to efficiently find the correct parent/carer. As you can understand, children will not be allowed to leave the school building unless the agreed adult is visible to the class teacher/ TA.

As an additional help, could we ask parents/carers of children in 1B to stand on the playground opposite the staff room windows and leave the playground space next to the slope for parents/ carers for 1A. This will mean the teaching staff/ children will know exactly where to look to find the correct faces.

At any point, should you need to communicate with your child’s class teacher, please do so via the red communication diaries which are checked every morning.  If it is something that needs further discussion, an appointment to see the teacher can be made for a more convenient time.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter and your continued support in keeping your children’s learning environment a safe place to be.