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Tudor Primary School

December 1st Newsletter- PLEASE READ

An important time of year... let's work TOGETHER to make it as amazing as possible

Newsletter 7

Wednesday 1st December 2021

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Fingers crossed for a fun festive period…

As you will be aware, concerns regarding COVID are more prevalent and the increased risks regarding new strains will put more pressure on schools. At times of increasing difficulty, there is even more importance on strong partnership between home and school. A vital part of this is providing clear information in the hope of achieving full understanding from parents and families about what we are doing. All at Tudor are very aware about the frustrations that we are all facing and we hope that Tudor continues to be a school of real unity- whatever our views on situations, let’s all do our bit to help keep school safe and open to all! The diagram below, shared in recent school leadership correspondence, highlights how personal and shared responsibilities need to be in place in society in the aim of reducing transmission:

Going forward, we remind parents that we still REQUEST face masks to be worn on our Tudor school site. There has been a clear reduction in the use of face coverings by our parent community (mirroring life outside of school) but please do follow our school ‘guidance’. When entering the building (such as meetings/ parent assemblies/ visiting the school office), a mask must be worn.

One of my key responsibilities is ensuring high quality adults work with your children and I am delighted with the commitment of our teaching team. Headteachers (of any school!) remain only a couple of issues away from not being able to staff the schools they lead- strong supply teachers are also difficult to find and the period of December is likely to be rather challenging! It is NOT just about getting through- your children deserve the BEST education and we are DETERMINED to ensure they get it! Our ongoing commitment to help your children ‘catch up’ will remain…

Taking all this into account (and let’s allow us to talk about something MUCH more positive), we believe we have planned an appropriate approach to a festive and fun experience for the children this month. Decisions need to be balanced and whilst we STILL look forward to a return to a full (unrestricted!) approach to this time of year in school, we have a duty to consider risk. As already shared on our website the following activities and events will be taking place:

Tuesday 14th December- 2.30pm- Year 1-3 Outdoor Christmas Concert

Tuesday 14th December- 3.30pm- Year 4-6 Outdoor Christmas Concert

Tuesday 15th December- Tudor Christmas Lunch and Christmas Jumper Day

Thursday 16th + Friday 17th December- Nursery Crafts and Musical Fun  

Thursday 16th + Friday 17th December- SURPRISE EXPERIENCE for ALL year groups-

What could it be?!

Monday 20th December- 10.30am- Reception Crafts and Musical Fun- RED CLASS

Monday 20th December- 2.00pm- Reception Crafts and Musical Fun- YELLOW CLASS

Tuesday 21st December- End of term at 2.00pm (Energy-Kidz open from 2pm-5pm)

In addition to the above, be assured that we will sprinkle a number of other festive extras too!

Inclusion at Tudor Primary- a message from Miss Reading- our Leader for Inclusion

For information about support groups/ courses being offered to parents in the Spring term, look at the November edition of the DSPL8 communication leaflet, found on the SEND/Family Links section of the website. You will also find details of specialist advice lines (including educational psychology, specific learning difficulties and speech, language, and communication needs) available to offer advice and support to parents. Last week I led a 'Zones of Regulation' parent information session for Year 3 parents and have placed the PowerPoint on the wellbeing section of the website. The 'Zones' is a framework we use with all pupils at Tudor, to support them in fostering self-regulation and emotional control, please do look at the Powerpoint for more information. On Weds 8th December we have our final 'Family Support Worker Telephone Surgery' of this term. To book a place please contact me at:

Safeguarding at Tudor Primary - a message from Ms Smith - our Designated Safeguarding Lead

All staff at Tudor have a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which children can learn. Staff are particularly well placed to observe outward signs of abuse, changes in behaviour and failure to develop because they have daily contact with children. All staff receive appropriate safeguarding training, so that they are knowledgeable and aware of their role in the early recognition of the indicators of abuse or neglect and of the appropriate procedures to follow. 

For parents/carers we also have a dedicated safeguarding page on our website to support you with any safeguarding concerns that you may have.  If you need to report concerns about a child that you are worried may be being mistreated or abused, then please call 0300 123 4043.

The safeguarding section of our website has a wealth of information to support you with internet safety.  The most recent online safety newsletter has a comprehensive parental guide section which gives information and safety advice on many popular games and apps including; Fortnite, Disney+, Clash of Clans and Roblox.  It also gives you guidance on what to do if you are worried about something that has happened to your child online.  

Members of our safeguarding team are available should you wish to discuss any concerns with them: Ms Smith (Deputy Head), Mr Weightman (Headteacher), Ms Reading (InCo), Mrs Penn (Pastoral Support Worker).

Christmas Post- FoT -Friends of Tudor Santa letters have been distributed. Please remember to post them in the special post box in the office area with your £3.50 donation.  Personalised letters will be delivered to your HOME address near Christmas!  Also Christmas Card orders are currently being printed and will be given out as soon as they arrive. What fun!

Class Deliveries For cards being shared between children in classes, these are NOT to be posted in the FoT post box. These can be simply shared with friends in class!  

The children of Tudor did brilliantly with our fundraising work alongside ‘Sports for Schools’. Nerys Pearce of the Commonwealth/ Invictus Games met the children and helped inspire them to complete fitness challenges- we raised over £2600 in the process- well done all!

To conclude, thanks for your ongoing support. As this newsletter shares, there are a range of challenges and situations that we face and we hope that you continue to have confidence in the school. If you have time, #TeamTudor would appreciate it if you complete the online Ofsted Parent View for Tudor Primary- it doesn’t take long and it will be a source of evidence that an inspection team considers.

The link is:

We continue to pledge that we remain accessible to you so that we can swiftly respond to any concerns you may have. We also will keep trying our best to make EVERY day count for the best children around!

Mr Weightman