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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Generosity - our value for December

Generosity means giving or sharing freely the things that you value—whether material possessions, money, time, or love—in a positive spirit.

A generous person gives without thought of reward and without strings attached—just for the joy of giving and making someone else feel good. Generosity is tied closely to empathy, since it involves thinking about what other people want or need - and your children showed lots of empathy last month. Do check out who received certificates for this very value by visiting our values' page here!  Of course, the holidays and birthdays are times we associate most with giving, but generous acts at any time have a ripple effect, making the world a kinder, happier place.

What can you do to encourage this in your child?  

Helping to shape children into generous people means helping to shape a brighter future for the entire planet, one little mind at a time.  So how to we make sure children feel inspired to give? It’s more obvious than you think, and most importantly, it begins with the adult role-models surrounding them.  If you want more ideas on 'How to raise a generous child', check out this website.