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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Our value for the month of February is HONESTY.

Honesty means speaking and acting truthfully. For young children, it is important that they know how to make the right choice of being honest, even when they think they may get into trouble. For older children, they can also explore the concept of conscience; this helps them develop truthful self-awareness and ethical thinking. 

The book and film ‘Pinocchio’ are timeless classics based on being truthful and the value of ‘honesty’. If your child has seen the film or read the book, it would be wonderful to re-visit and to talk about the character – now using their deepening vocabulary of values. If they haven’t met Pinocchio yet, we encourage you to let this be a wonderful treat for them. 

Finally, a huge well done to all those children who received certificates for demonstrating the value of Equality last month - and to Heidi for your great poster!  Please visit the values section of our website to see who they were.