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Tudor Primary School

Newsletter 12- Wednesday 2nd March

Keep updated as we enter the second half of the school year...

Newsletter 12

Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Dear Parents/ Carers,

We look forward to a really fun and engaging second half of the school year. As well as enjoying improved weather(!), it is a period when the children progress well in class- let’s hope we are truly out of any issues regarding the COVID pandemic and children can continue to benefit a sustained school experience.

There is a big focus on reading in schools at the moment. In any school inspection, the approaches to the teaching of reading will be evaluated and there is some really good practice at Tudor Primary.

We continue to invest in high quality reading material and a commitment to the POWER of reading is truly evident. Over the last few years, the teaching team have refined and changed the way reading is taught in school. Whilst reading results (and phonics results) have improved a great deal, we have also been determined to widen the children’s reading experiences and help them recognise the joy that reading brings. As I shared in an assembly last week, reading will always be the most important ‘homework’ of all and there is little doubt that parents are vital in the development of their child’s reading skills. 20 minutes of reading a day can lead to children experiencing MILLIONS of words each year (including new ones!) and this is a key driver in widening their vocabulary.

Please do talk to children about their books and ask them about their reading choices. Please be assured that those children who need additional support are well catered for as we are truly aspirational for all our young learners. Here is a message from our awesome Tudor Library Leads:

Hello book worms! We want to celebrate our love of reading with an Extreme Reading challenge! Take a photo of yourself reading your favourite book in an unusual place (the crazier the better!) and hand it in along with a book review and we’ll add you to our Wall of Fame in the library! (We have book review templates in the library if you would like to collect one) Happy reading!                     Mrs Wash and Mrs Durham


It is monitoring and evaluation week in school at the moment and reading is a key part of this. There have been extra activities in school (including presentations from authors) and we look forward to having our Tudor Book Day in the (fairly) near future. During this week of evaluation, we speak to the children and ask how they feel they are supported by the teaching team- I know you would feel really proud with how positively the children talk about THEIR school.

Being truly INCLUSIVE

Tudor has always been a very INCLUSIVE school and this is one of the key points that attracted me to the school back in 2016 when I was looking for my first headship role. Miss Reading led some further staff training last week and it was pleasing to see how naturally the teachers responded to the expectations for the children. What may be a set of new ‘demands’ for some schools are clearly part of our existing  culture and we remain proud of how we go above and beyond for our learners- I am also looking to develop further links with secondary schools so that children know that they will continue to be supported as they grow older. I do recognise that not all parents are fully comfortable with how involved we can be but we fully recognise our DUTY when supporting our young Tudorites. Our level of commitment is one of our key strengths. Difficult conversations are often our most important ones and we must always put the children FIRST. Saying this, I have worked in a number of schools and, without doubt, the Tudor parent community is by far the most supportive I have experienced- thank you to the VAST majority who truly want the best for their children. If there is anything that the school can do to help, do contact us.

Inclusion at Tudor Primary- a message from Miss Reading- our Leader for Inclusion:

During the Easter holiday 'HAPpy Holiday Camps' will be taking place across Hertfordshire. These camps will be running in different venues, offering a range of activities and include a meal each day. If your child is eligible for benefits-related free school meals, you can book for free using your unique HAPpy Booking Code (please contact the school office who will be able to provide you with this).  For more information about the camps please click on the link: On Monday 21st March at 9am, our Family Support Worker, Christina Phillips, will be joining us at our next 'Tudor Coffee Morning'. She will be available to answer any questions, discuss any concerns you may have, offer advice and support regarding any aspect of parenting and/or family life.  

Covid update- The legal requirement to isolate if testing positive is no longer in place. There is also no requirement to isolate if identified as a close contact.

School Meals- For the first time in a long period we are having to increase the price of school meals. They will be priced at £2.80 from the start of the summer term. I do believe we have a super catering team at Tudor and I would encourage as many families as possible to consider the school lunch option. There are lots of choices and they help widen the eating experiences of children. You may have also heard about the current ‘Eat them to defeat them’ campaign on eating vegetables. This is all part of encouraging children to make healthy choices at lunchtimes. Follow this link for more information-

Tudor in the community- Some members of our Tudor Owl School Council visited the Centre in the Park last week. We were able to donate some money that we had raised selling hot chocolate as well as second hand uniform.

Having HIGH aspirations for our children

I mentioned earlier that we have had a number of monitoring activities in school this week. Even though there is lots to do, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing how much the children are progressing. In year 5, they have been learning using personification when writing descriptions of a dangerous storm and this is what Kye wrote- I think it is SUPER!

The light blue sky slowly darkened to black. The strong, colossal beast was now looking for its next victim. The monster screamed, knocking down everything in its path. Tears started falling from the sky; the anger raged, causing lightning to flash.


Check out these worm ‘hotels’ that were made in our ‘Forest Arts and Craft Club’.

It will not be long before Freewheel Friday returns- we know that the children are excited about that. Get those tyres READY!

The Friends of Tudor NEED your help- Please read the additional letter (see below) that is being sent home. Our AWESOME parent association is struggling for volunteers and this could mean that the amazing events that the school community can enjoy will cease to take place. Any offer of support would be greatly appreciated- the children will certainly benefit too!

Many of you have also been informed about school trips that are being planned- this is all part of enabling EVERY child to have a full experience of what are, without doubt, the KEY years in their educational journey. In our next newsletter, I’ll be able to share some feedback from our county advisor who came to monitor and evaluate our provision- I have a feeling she was rather impressed with your children. And so she should be ;)

Mr Weightman              #TeamTudor


PTA letter:


Friends of Tudor (our PTA) have been active since 1992 and have organised fun family events such as the Summer Fetes, Fireworks Display, Discos, Quiz and Bingo Nights. FOT funds have paid for, or contributed towards items such as the Sail Shade, Maze Bench, Playground Markings and the amazing Tudor Towers which our children love!

Unfortunately, we are unable to continue and are putting these events and future planned events on hold due to the lack of volunteers attending PTA meetings. Whilst we appreciate people who volunteer at actual events, it takes a lot of time to organise these; they don’t happen on their own and we can’t do it with a skeleton committee. To give you an idea, it takes approximately 20 helpers at a Disco and 40 for the Summer Fete and we have currently 4-6 people attending our PTA meetings.

We all joined the PTA to feel a part of the school and give something back, and you can too. FOT are recruiting more volunteers to attend our meetings for an hour once a month. These will be held on the last Thursday of each month, starting with the 31st of March. We would like either one representative from each class, or 2 per year who will attend meetings regularly and relay information back to parents, perhaps via your class Whatsapp group.

If you would like to see a Summer Fete and attend future events such as a Pamper Evening, then please consider coming along to our meetings - We would love to see some new faces! 😊

Please register your interest by completing the form on the letters in book bags and returning it to the School Office by Thursday the 24th of March.

Many thanks in advance

Friends of Tudor