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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Sharing successful stories... 

The title of this web update relates to a period of time that was always going to be very important in my leadership as Headteacher of Tudor Primary. Friday 10th February will be the 100th school day since I started and, whilst it has certainly been challenging, the opportunity to lead Tudor in it's transition into being an effective, successful two form entry school of high quality is very rewarding.  

A key ingredient to my aspiration for Tudor is the sharing of information about how well the children are progressing and, because of this, the parent consultations that are taking place this week in school are vital. As our most successful interventions have proved, the role of parents is key and I want you to ensure you are well informed about how your children are responding in school. During the consultations, parents will receive a mid year report which will highlight the current attainment of their child as well as targets (and strategies) for the remainder of the year. 

This 'new approach' to reporting your child's progress is something that I am sure you will find very helpful. You may have noticed on 'Parent View' that one of the questions is about the information you receive from the school about the progress of your child and I want parents of Tudor to be very well informed indeed!

Whilst I am unable to share the exact contents of the report, I was very proud with the outcomes of our important annual check/ review from our 'Hertfordshire Improvement Partner' this week. The review visit a very busy day and lots of evidence (ranging from data analysis to book scrutinies and observations of teaching) was looked at. I must be honest and say it was one of my most rewarding days so far- the children, as always, continue to be our biggest strength and there is no better 'proof' than when the children are able to confidently share the 'stories of success' themselves. 

Another 'big day' for Tudor happened on Friday. To ensure that the children are able to benefit from the best, I was keen to advertise (and interview) early for the teaching positions that need to be filled for next academic year. What with an extra year 6 class and adjustments to the leadership team, I was able to offer positions to some super candidates who I know are going to be fantastic for your children. What excited me most, was that they clearly had a passion for wanting to be at Tudor- they had researched our website and they had visited our school to find out about our plans for the future. Recruitment is proving to be a major obstacle for many headteachers and I must do all that I can to ensure that our pupils receive the best provision. I look forward to introducing the 'new arrivals' in the future!

It is pleasing to note such moments when our website is commented on and I hope that you all continue to 'check in' with it regularly to ensure that you are fully informed about life in our school.

I am very confident that there will be lots more positive stories in the next 100 school days (and beyond!) too...

Mr Weightman