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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Online chat and etiquette

Richard Maskrey, a renowned specialist on e-safety for children, visited Tudor last week and gave an assembly to the children in years 5 and 6 around the importance of e-safety.  This session was in addition to the teaching and learning that takes place for all children at Tudor where there are opportunities to discuss how to keep themselves safe online as part of their usual computing lessons, as well as taking part in our annual Internet Safety Day.

This assembly acted as a reminder to our older children around 'expected behaviours' whilst chatting to their friends online and what to do if they hear or see something that makes them uncomfortable.  They were reminded of their personal responsibility to behave in the same respectful and kind way that they would when they see their friends in school - being 'virtual' is no excuse for poor behaviour or inappropriate language!

Could we also ask you as their parents and carers, to continue to oversee the online behaviours that your child engages with at home.  Do you know who they are 'talking' to or if the apps they are using are age-appropriate?   Richard will be coming back to Tudor to support you with these questions and any other that you may have around this new virtual world that we find ourselves in - one where children seem to know more than we do at times!  Further details of Richard's visit are due to be confirmed soon and details will be sent to you.  In the meantime, please do visit the Internet Safety section of our website where there is wealth of information to get you started on how to keep your children safe at home.

Maxine Smith 

(Designated Safeguarding Lead)