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Newsletter 15- Into the Summer Term!

A fun-filled and action packed term with LOTS to look forward to...

Newsletter 15

Thursday 5th May 2022

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Let’s all enjoy a SUPER summer term…

We now find ourselves in the month of May and the children are settled into some wonderful new themes of learning.

Whilst children in Nursery and Reception are currently busy finding out about mini-beasts (the amount of facts they told me about snails this week was phenomenal!), the children in Year 1 and Year 2 are having fun with ‘Seaside Rescue’. Year 3 and Year 4 have the theme of ‘What a Wonderful World’ and there is a modern (local) history focus in year 5 and year 6 with ‘Step Back in Time’.  Our approach to curriculum delivery is a key part of what (we believe!) makes our school special- the teaching team work incredibly hard to refine, adapt and improve each year and make each lesson as inspiring as possible.  Bespoke documents have been created by the team and a number of these can be viewed on our website- these ensure FULL curriculum coverage and help the children FLOURISH!

Speaking of progress and attainment, please join me in wishing the children in year 2 and year 6 (currently sporting their new hoodies!) good luck with their end of key stage assessments in the next few weeks.

Due to school closures in the last two years, we have been unable to ‘validate’ the attainment that children at Tudor achieve but we look forward to ‘proving’ the impact of our efforts once again. From improved reception outcomes and increased phonics scores to the improved percentages of children who achieve age related expectations, the children of Tudor are enabled to be successful. Both academically and socially, we remain highly aspirational for your children. As our last Ofsted report more than 5 years ago stated, the outcomes for children needed to improve- we look forward to further evidence that they have (HUGELY) done so.


Keeping your children safe online

Last week, a letter was sent all parents, inviting you to a meeting in school to support with online safety. From 2.15pm-3.15pm on Thursday 12th May, Richard Maskrey and School Consulting Ltd will be presenting a free information session in the school hall on E-Safety and how to keep your children safe online.

Richard is a renowned speaker who has appeared as a specialist in this area on national television. Richard has already spoken with our UKS2 children on this important topic and this support is being extended out to all of you no matter what year group your child is in. He will be able to share with you the latest information on: Current online trends and risks/ How to keep your child safe/ Where to find help and support. Please return the slip at the bottom of the original letter if you are able to attend. You can also call our school office team and they can add you to the list. We hope that as many of our families as possible can benefit…

Safeguarding is a focus for all schools and we are proud of the robust systems that we have in place. If you need to report concerns about a child that you are worried may be being mistreated or abused then call 0300 123 4043 or visit the safeguarding area of our website where you will also find information regarding 'How to spot abuse' and, 'Keeping young people safe online'. 

Inclusion at Tudor Primary- a message from Miss Reading- our Leader for Inclusion:

Please use the following link to access the most recent Delivering Special Provision Locally (DSPL8) newsletter, found in the SEND/Family Support Links section of the school website This provides information regarding The Dacorum Autism Resources for parent/carers, offering advice and links to local services and national services on topics that impact on families caring for a child with autism. You will also find information about the Dacorum Families SEND Information Fayre taking place locally on the 12th May and details of courses, consultations, support and advice lines, available to parents of children with additional needs in Dacorum. If you cannot find what you are looking for or have any questions or concerns about your child's education or wellbeing, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Trust- Our Tudor Value for May is Trust. As shared on our website, trust is:

  • To believe that someone is good and honest and will not hurt you.
  • To believe that something is safe and reliable.
  • To believe what people say.

Trust is a really important value, and it must be earned. If we do not trust someone, it is very hard to build a good friendship with them.


After School Clubs are UNDERWAY!

A big thank you to Mr Higgins and the team who lead the provision of sport and activity at Tudor. As shown below, we have a number of different clubs that children are able to enjoy. ALL of our clubs are part-funded by the school and we are proud of what is on offer. Freewheel Fridays continues to be popular- it is a time when the school grounds can really help bring the school community together- as well as helping the children have an energetic end to the week, it has clearly helped SO MANY children learn how to cycle!

Parent Assemblies- hearing (and seeing!) what your children are learning about…

It has been great to see parents being able to enjoy the class assemblies again this year. The children certainly look forward to sharing their work too. The classes ‘on stage’ this half term are:

5th May- 5W                          

12th May- 4U                         

19th May- 5X                         

26th May- 3T  

Our website always gets super feedback and we are proud of the information and support we place on there. Please add the website to your ‘favourites’ and check in with it regularly.


Whilst the summer term is quite a long term, there is LOTS to squeeze in and we look forward to offering a number of ‘extras’ that the school community can benefit from. We will be delighted to start our community partnership work alongside Woodfield Special School soon too. Working together is key and the children certainly enjoyed hearing about the memories of ‘seaside holidays gone past’ from one of our grandparents this week- the children do enjoy these ‘extra’ experiences!

I am sure the children will be sharing their own ‘stories’ of what they have been learning about. In the meantime, I wonder if any of you can help with a question that a number of 5 year olds were asking me this week- ‘If a snail loses their shell, can they then be called a slug?’  As our website with the class blogs and twitter pages share, EVERY day at Tudor is different but it is the engagement and relationships we have with the children that make our school special. 

Mr Weightman