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Tudor Primary School

Wednesday 8th June- Newsletter 17

Keeping our community INFORMED about all things #TeamTudor

Newsletter 17

Wednesday 8th June 2022

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Welcome to the final half term of the school year!

There is little doubt that the final half term of the year in any school is a rather challenging time- but it is certainly exciting. There is so much to fit in and LOTS for the children to look forward to. The current summer themes are well under way and, as lots of evidence proves, the children are performing well. From comparison work with other schools, to visits from other professionals, we are confident when sharing the standards of work in our school as well as the levels of positive behaviour that can be seen around the school each day.

The teaching team remain determined to make each day count- the photos above show how the early years team have prepared the learning environment ahead of their new focus on journeys

We were delighted to welcome a motivational speaker to talk to the children on their first day back. Mr Bartholomew Gee shared his experience of ‘Turning Disability into Possibility’ and how he has adapted the meaning of words like hard, difficult, challenging into ‘POSSIBLE’. We learnt so much from him- We can truly do ANYTHING!

A consistent focus on attendance- indicators of concern

As shared in recent media, many schools struggle to engage all families in relation to positive attendance at school. As you know, this has been a focus for the school ever since I arrived in 2016. I was proud that we had 4 years of continued improvement and, before the pandemic, we had finally achieved a situation where the attendance of our children was above national average. Whilst the VAST majority of our parent community are committed to their children enjoying a full experience of school, the progress and wellbeing of too many of our children is adversely affected by an inconsistent schooling. It is not simply the impact of the actual absence alone, it is how it affects the child’s confidence. Imagine how uncomfortable it feels when you arrive late for an appointment or meeting- some children at Tudor experience that negative feeling a lot due to the actions of their parents. Our provision for children must be from the perspective of our most important people- the children- and I am incredibly proud of what we do at Tudor to support those children who are more vulnerable or disadvantaged at school. In most situations, partnership between home and school does improve things. Nevertheless, school may still need to unauthorise any absence where we believe there is not a justifiable reason/ excuse. Indicators for children/ families of concern around attendance/ poor punctuality include:

  • Children from same family absent on the same day
  • Increased absence on certain days of the week (notably Monday/ Friday)
  • Absence around a holiday period
  • Regular ‘illnesses’, continued persistent absence
  • False/ dishonest communication from home to school

All at Tudor would sincerely like to thank those families who remain honest in their communication with us. Whilst I work to deliver the requirements of my role, be assured that I continue to support families who require that ‘something extra’ and I am determined to allow children to have a wide experience of life beyond academic outcomes. We must recognise their RIGHT to an education and I would hope that ALL those who can influence a child’s future recognises the absolute importance of that. Children who attend well have SIGNIFICANTLY improved opportunities in life… 

Inclusion at Tudor Primary- a message from Miss Reading- our Leader for Inclusion:

At 9am on Monday 20th June, Christina Phillips, our Family Support Worker, will be joining us for our 'Tudor Coffee Morning'. This will be an informal opportunity for you to discuss any family issues or concerns you may have (tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided!). We have recently updated 'Tudor's Information Report', this explains how we provide for children with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND). Please click on the following link: and have a read. Do not hesitate to contact me with any feedback you may have and let me know if there is any additional information you would like to find here. Finally, if your child has an individual support plan, you will have received a 'SEND Support Plan Meeting Parent and Child Preparation Sheet' from your child's class teacher. Please do complete this, with your child, prior to the support plan meeting, as individual targets are more meaningful and useful when generated in partnership with teachers, parents and pupils.  

IMPORTANT DATES (including class assemblies and SPORTS DAYS)- STAY INFORMED

PLEASE do engage regularly with this website- we endeavour to keep all the information up to date so it should be your first ‘port of call’ for finding out school information and news.

These are the dates for the remaining class assemblies for the academic year:

16th June-2Q             

23rd June-1P             

1st July-2R                 

8th July 1O

Mon 27th June is our (school selected) bank holiday. We are closed on this day.

Sports Day for years 1-6 is on Mon 18th July with Nursery+Reception Sports on Tues 19th July. Check the website for transition days, parent meetings, end of year report meetings, concerts, visits and MORE!

Uniform- ensuring your children are TRULY ready for #TeamTudor

Whilst we have clear guidance with our uniform at Tudor, it is noticeable that not all children are following expectations. As clearly stated on our website, we ask the children to wear grey trousers/skirt/shorts, a white polo-shirt and a royal blue sweatshirt/sweatcardi. Children should not be wearing tracksuit bottoms as part of their main uniform. Shoes must be completely black. Whilst 'active' shoes/ trainers can be worn they must not have any coloured logos/ laces/ soles. We would also like to take this opportunity to encourage parents to check that clothing is labelled- the lost property pile is building up and not a single item of this clothing is named.

The Tudor Primary Office Team- some personnel changes/ system improvements

A new system is being introduced very soon that will be a huge upgrade in the way parents are able interact with the school.

The Arbor Parent Portal will allow parents to view dinner money balances, pay dinner money and view key information about their child. Look out for the letter coming home this week with details on how to download and access this vital information sharing resource.

In other ‘school-office related changes’, I am delighted to inform you that following a successful recruitment process, Kim Cohen has been promoted to the school leadership team as Office Manager. Hayley Wash will be her replacement as admin assistant. We are highly confident that our office team will continue to be the welcoming, effective and efficient ‘front of house’ that is hugely important in any school.

Ensuring a HIGH QUALITY teaching team for your children- for next year AND BEYOND!

Whilst it was sad to share the news that some members of #TeamTudor will be retiring in July, I want to assure the school community that we remain excited about the teaching team that we have in place for the future. Miss Sentence has now returned and Miss Price has already started popping in ahead of her full return in July following their maternity leave. I also remain delighted that EVERY single teacher who started their teaching career at Tudor remains highly positive in the profession and to see the team continue to grow and develop is extremely rewarding for us all.

Our school was recently chosen as an exemplar for the University of Hertfordshire for how effective support should be delivered. In a time when many people are leaving teaching, I am proud of our record for supporting teacher training and enabling Early Career Teachers to be successful. It mirrors our commitment to each and every child that puts on their blue uniform each day- it’s WHAT WE DO!

Mr Weightman