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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Very Special Visitors- Tudor on the WORLD map!

Sharing our practice with the Maldivian Ministry of Education

Tudor Primary is a school that enjoys working in partnership with other schools and settings.

We were, therefore, delighted to be a school that was selected for an important visit from the Ministry of Education for the Maldives.

As you can imagine, leading education in schools in a country made up of over 1000 islands (200 that are populated) presents some rather interesting challenges.

Members of the Maldivian government as well as some school leaders visited our school on Tuesday 28th June 2022 to find out what makes our school special. They were able to speak to a number of children as well as ask questions of the school leadership.

Tudor Primary was delighted to have an opportunity to share (and celebrate!) our own story...

Guide Education is a successful organisation within remote education that work with the Maldivian Education Ministry and they were keen for Tudor to share our approaches to curriculum organisation as well as how we are determined to keep our school at the CENTRE of the community. We should all feel very proud of the reputation we have as a school- for such important visitors to want to know about OUR school is truly awesome!

The delegates have been visiting a number of different schools and they were keen to find out how each school differs. As well as meet school leaders, they have met Members of Parliament and learnt about the successes (and challenges!) for education in the UK.

I was delighted how well the children of Tudor's school council were able to find out about how education would have been different for them if they were at school in the Maldives rather than Hemel Hempstead. They soon found out about how after school clubs differ as well as how they would need to travel between the islands.

It really was a fascinating experience for all! I bet the children (and staff!) would appreciate the opportunity for a return visit...

Mr Weightman 

June 2022