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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Pride - our value of the month for July

Looking across the different year groups here at Tudor school, it is not difficult to see why so many of the children should already feel very proud of themselves.  

One dictionary definition of 'feeling proud' is: feeling satisfaction and pleasure because of something that you have achieved, or are a part of.  Being proud does not have to be boastful but something you can rejoice in. To be proud of yourself, you need to recognise that good things have happened because of your effort and abilities.

This month, we all need to take some time to recognise the hard work that we have put into our lives and that of others.  Tell your friends and family when you are proud of them and take time to feel proud of yourself!

On the subject of feeling proud - children who were nominated for the value of understanding during the month of June, have been added to the values' section of our website.  Some of these children were nominated by their peers and I have shared some of the reasons given, just to demonstrate what super children we have:

"For understanding how I felt when I was sad and just listening to me".

"He understood how frustrated I was when I was finding my work tricky - he then made me feel better".

"For supporting me when I was upset and understanding that I was not ready to talk at that moment, so came back later".