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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Some WONDERFUL feedback

Tudor Primary School's  summer monitoring visit from county- What did they find?

Some comments about YOUR school...

I am delighted to be able to share with you the 'results' of some recent monitoring and inspection work at Tudor Primary School.

We receive visits from a highly experienced county consultant each term and these visits are to ensure that our school is performing well. There is always a high focus on the experiences of the children as well as how effectively the teaching team works to help them develop, socially and academically.

The school received the report today and I believe we should feel very proud of the findings of the county advisory service. The focus of the visit was on mathematics- a great deal of evidence was looked at and the quality of provision was assessed both in terms of how children are supported but also how well the subject is led (and developed) by the staff team including Mr Crowder who is our maths subject leader.

The report was FULL of super comments about our school and I am thrilled to share some of these below:

- the mathematics subject leader demonstrated strong subject knowledge and a clear overview of the mathematics curriculum and its rationale

- the mathematics curriculum is sequenced well and provides regular opportunities for pupils to revisit prior learning and make connections

- the school environment reflects the school’s high expectations and the value all staff place on learning

-displays are engaging and celebratory as well as making the environment a vibrant and stimulating learning environment

-the children are proud of their school and their behaviour and conduct reflects their engagement and enthusiasm for learning

-pupils could articulate clearly what their teacher does to move them forward if they are struggling with something

-every pupil spoke with positivity and confidence about their learning in mathematics

-presentation reflected the high expectations and consistent approaches that were used across the school

-children felt empowered to ask questions and explore different approaches to support their problem solving. They understood the value of mathematics and could make some connections with other curriculum areas and their own daily lives


Other areas of the school's provision were also looked at. This monitoring included how the school has responded to the need to support children in 'catching up' and how we continue to support vulnerable learners:

-tutoring has been established to accelerate progress in mathematics but also improve punctuality and attendance

-progress tracking shows that targeted pupils have made accelerated progress

-school can be proud of their impact on pupil outcomes


Phonics and Timestables...

In other news, the school is delighted to share with you about some recent national assessment checks. We have recently achieved the best ever year 1 phonics screening results that we have ever had. 83% if the children in year 1 passed. Be assured that those children who did not quite make it will continue to benefit from enhanced support.

In the first ever national year 4 multiplication check, our results have been phenomenal:

- 50% of our children (29/58) scored FULL MARKS- 25/25

- 77.6% of the children in year 4 (45/58) scored 22 or above

The average score for ALL children was 22.4.

These results are likely to place Tudor in the 'highest few percent' of ALL schools nationally.

A HUGE WELL DONE to the children.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to the teaching team at Tudor.

We should all feel very proud of our school.

Let's keep pushing until the end of the year...