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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

The A-Z of Tudor Primary 2021-2022

What (or who) has made it on to our annual list of Tudor fun facts about the year?

Here is the A-Z list for 2021-2022. It has been a super year for our school- we hope you enjoy being reminded of what has happened these last 12 months...  

A-Z of Tudor Primary 2021-2022

A- Assistant Head- introducing our NEW Assistant Head for Inclusion- Miss Katie Reading!

B- Best results ever- in so many areas we have had a record-breaking year!

C- Coffee- The governors treated all staff to an awesome new coffee machine- how lucky!

D- District and Dacorum Champions in lots of different sports- well done Mr Higgins

E- Early Years Diva- Mrs Cleaver is retiring after 32 years of service. WHAT A LADY!

F- Full year of education- we did not have any more school closures- phew!

G- Greater Depth- our children are achieving some amazing results- reach for the stars!

H- Hunt- Miss Hunt has been truly amazing in her first year of teaching. What a super start!

I- Ice Cream Van- once again, we surprised the children  with some cool treats.

J- JCA- the children of year 6 had an awesome experience on school journey- despite COVID!

K- Kim in the office is our new office manager- I am sure she is looking forward to being in charge.

L- Lissa- our awesome school cook makes sure everyone has the TASTIEST lunches…

M- Multiplication Mastery- Year 4 showed EVERYONE how it is done!

N- No more leaks! Mr Denny has made sure all of our roofs do not leak anymore!

O- Office Manager- Thank you to Chris in the office- we will all miss her so much!

P- Pupil Voice- we are using the views of the children to find out what works and HOW to improve

Q- Quality Teaching- we are so lucky to have an awesome teaching team

R- Reading! Reading! Reading! Our children know that this is SUCH an important skill.

S- Stearn- Thank you to Mr Stearn for his fantastic work in 3T. we know he will stay in touch!

T- Taylor the Tremendous TA- what a difference she has made to the children of Tudor.

U- Unbelievable Team- once again, our school’s strength is how we ALL work together.

V- Visits- Kew Gardens, Whipsnade, Southend, Mead Open Farm… the children love a day out!

W- Well-being- we continue to focus on the happiness of EVERYONER at school.

X- X-Treme heat! We have had to deal with some rather hot temperatures this summer!

Y- Year 1- what amazing results they have achieved- our best ever! Phonic-tastic!

Z- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ- I believe we all deserve a rest! The alarms do not have to be set so early…


During our final assembly we also shared who were the Summer 2022 recipients of the Tudor Headteacher Awards. Follow this link to find out who the lucky children were.