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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

County Advisor Report- We did well!

We can now share the outcomes from the recent county report...

In our most recent newsletter, we informed you that the school had received an autumn visit from our county advisor. Whilst we had been able to evidence (and demonstrate) high quality practice in school, we had not been sent the finalised report. This has now arrived in  school and we are thrilled to share the outcomes with you. 

The staff team were able to show how they work tremendously well with each other- especially in regard to the teaching of phonics and our approaches to supporting early reading. These were the two focus areas for the advisor. I hope you enjoy reading the following comments that have been made about YOUR school:


  • The team at Tudor have worked relentlessly to drive improvements

  • The exceptionality of their offer lies in their ethos, energy and commitment

  • (Outcomes) that reflect their impact as well as their long standing success in supporting pupil welfare and aspirations

  • Attendance is now up to 97% (years 1-6) reflecting a significant improvement as a result of the clear and consistent messages staff transmit about the importance of regular and punctual attendance 

  • Staff are on duty every morning to welcome pupils and parents

  • Progress measures are sig+ (significantly above the national average) and reflect the positive attitudes to learning and the journey pupils take

Phonics and Early Reading:

  • Teachers and leaders were aligned in their perspective that reading provides a gateway to success and as such is a priority for all learners
  • All staff want to help the children to develop into confident and fluent readers
  • Sessions had tightly focused objectives and children made good use of prior learning
  • The leaders with responsibility for reading, writing and phonics have a comprehensive understanding
  • Subject leaders’ strong subject knowledge will ensure the school has capacity for improvement as they further embed the implementation of the new phonics and reading scheme
  • Leaders’ evaluations were both accurate and robust. They spoke with energy and commitment which has clearly inspired staff
  • In all lessons observed, clear modelling was evident. This meant that all pupils were able to work independently, confident in their phonics knowledge
  • The pace observed was swift and engaging with children participating enthusiastically
  • All staff were observed modelling good grammar and full sentences, working with pupils to develop their communication skills and vocabulary
  • Leaders have taken a dynamic approach, supporting staff across the school to boost their confidence and expertise in phonics teaching
  • The roll out of (phonics) at Tudor has been rapid, effective and strategic. Staff know what they need to do and why
  • Environments for learning are well cared for and organised to promote learning and independence
  • Support staff are deployed well and contribute to phonics teaching as well as providing strong pastoral support for pupils in need
  • Support staff were observed offering high quality interventions and team teaching support

All at Tudor should feel very proud of this recent report and it further evidences our drive to ensure that ALL pupils flourish in our school. Alongside the recent successful report from a separate county advisor on the practice in Early Years at Tudor, it should fill us with confidence that the children of Tudor TRULY do receive a good deal.

The outcomes (and progress) that the children make at Tudor Primary is the result of the commitment we ALL have- thank you for continuing to work in partnership with us. Be assured that we CONTINUE to refine and improve- we remain HIGHLY aspirational for your children.

EVERY DAY really DOES matter...