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Tudor Primary School

Our first newsletter of 2024- January 10th

Let's look forward to (an)other awesome year at Tudor...

Newsletter 7

Wednesday 10th January 2024

Dear Parents/ Carers,

All at #TeamTudor wish our full school community a happy new year. We look forward to working with you all again in 2024 and we aim to have a(nother) super year where everyone can flourish. As part of our January INSET we spent some time looking back at our achievements of last year. The list below highlights what the teaching team felt was special about last year- we obviously want to continue such performance! This new spring term may be the shortest term of the school year but it is when the children truly start to accelerate with their learning and progress. 

#TeamTudor Achievements of 2023

-Amazing GREATER DEPTH results

-Impressive progress scores

-Supporting other schools

-Successful ‘extra care’ opportunities

-Highest EYFS outcomes

-New phonics scheme embedded

-Positive staff team

-Super support for SEND children

-Strong school budget

-New EYFS parents fully engaged

-Lots of wider opportunities for all

-High take up with school journey

-School events such as art week

-Excellent website/ school comms

As you know, we deliver an inspiring thematic curriculum at Tudor and the teaching team have been busy preparing classrooms for the new themes. Do remember to keep a close eye on the class blogs section of the website.

Our new themes are:

EYFS- ‘Fairytales’

Year 1 and Year 2- ‘From Field to Fork’

Year 3 and Year 4- ‘Crimebusters’

Year 5 and Year 6- ‘Extreme Environments’

We know the children will continue to be excited about how the learning is presented. We have already planned for exciting enhancements and additional opportunities to help inspire everyone. We will keep you updated!

Additionally, within our January training last week, we further enhanced our understanding of how trauma/ adverse child experiences affect the development of children. There is little doubt that children and families are experiencing more challenges in the modern day than ever before. Schools are a central part to any community and we are proud of how we work in our part of Hemel Hempstead. Whilst our budget remains ‘strong’, schools are having to do more with less but we continue to feel confident in the relationships that exist at Tudor. The school has been sent a number of screen shots of Tudor’s tremendous reputation on social media recently and we should all feel very proud of the reputation that we have built together. The school leadership pledge that we remain approachable (and able!) to respond to situations. As I share with the children, a key indicator of investment in children is attendance…

A new year’s RESOLUTION for ATTENDANCE could be your most important pledge of all!

Firstly, if your child was one of the MANY, MANY children who received a recognition certificate for 100% attendance last term, a huge WELL DONE to you. As previously mentioned, academic outcomes have significantly improved at Tudor over the last few years and the improved attendance of children has been a significant factor here. Did you check your Arbor app to view your child’s attendance and compare it to the chart? If your child is below 90% they are a persistent absentee. Aspire for attendance in the high 90s!

If your child is late, your absence will be coded as unauthorised which could contribute towards any potential fines from Hertfordshire County Council.  Regarding poor attendance and time keeping- please DO NOT blame your child for them being late- it’s the duty of the parent to ensure their child/ren arrive on time.

Inclusion at Tudor Primary- a message from Miss Reading- our Leader for Inclusion:

All schools are required to publish a 'Special Educational Needs (SEN) Report'. Our 'SEN Information Report' explains how we provide for children with SEN and it can be accessed with the following link: 

If you would like to find out how Tudor School supports children with additional needs, please do have a read and do not hesitate to contact me via email at: with any comments or suggestions on how we could further improve our 'offer'.  On Friday 26th January, at 9am, I will be hosting our first 'Tudor Coffee Morning' of 2024. Following parent input, this coffee morning will have a focus on supporting your child with managing emotions and self-regulation. I will share information about 'The Zones of Regulation', a curriculum we teach at Tudor, designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control. See you there!


Tudor applications- don’t miss out on a space- NURSERY AND RECEPTION for 2024/25!

If you wish to apply for a space in the Tudor reception classes of 2024/25, you have until Monday 15th January to complete an application. This needs to be completed via the Hertfordshire County Council website. Nursery applications will open on Monday 5th February on the Tudor Primary website. Email reminders will be sent home this week too.

The Hangout- do take advantage of this awesome offer!

Has your child been able to experience the Hangout after school provision yet? It gets super feedback and we continue to be impressed with what the children experience. We really want to expand this provision and we want as many families to benefit from it. Find out more at

Spring After-School Clubs- These clubs start the week beginning 15th Jan (except Taskmaster which starts 11th Jan). Please pay promptly or your child may not be allowed to attend.  To support your management of payments, the Arbor app has a new feature that shows you how much you owe the school in total. This will enable you to see (at any time) how much you need to pay. This feature is in the main dashboard section of the app. Please be assured we continue to subsidise wider opportunities in school.

Some key dates for spring-  do check the website to stay informed.

Parent Consultations (and mid-year reports):

Tuesday 13th February and Thursday 15th February.

Class assemblies:    

2Q on Thursday 8th February,

2R on Thursday 15th February

5W on Thursday 14th March

5X on Thursday 21st March.

PARKING- Please ensure that you are supporting everyone by parking legally and safely. Unless you have permission from the school, please do NOT use the school car park. Parents MUST NOT park across or drop children on the yellow zigzags. Such measures are to help ensure the safety of everyone. Both sets of blue gates must NOT be blocked. Thanks for doing the right thing! 

Whilst our ‘data outcomes’/ results have been really pleasing, the school leadership was delighted with the feedback from the teaching team about how positive they feel when working at Tudor.

As highlighted in previous school communications, we are only as strong as our staff team and it is becoming increasingly difficult to source the quality (and quantity!) of adults required to enable schools to meet the growing needs of families. Be assured that we recognise the strong partnerships that exist within our school community. Let’s continue to work TOGETHER in 2024 in support of your children’s future.

Mr Weightman