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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Patience - our value of the month for April

Firstly, a huge well done to all those children who were nominated for showing the value of Integrity for last month - your names are on the values' section of the website. 

This month's value is Patience.  Patience is an important life skill. Patience teaches children the value of not having what they want when they want it, a skill necessary for maturity. Patience can help develop the ability to think through and resolve problems; it can stop impulsiveness and improve behaviour. The value of patience lies in its ability to lead to inner calm and emotional strength of character. Teaching patience by example helps children learn resilience, and how to get on better with those around them.

We certainly need this value in today’s busy and crowded world. Think of when you are driving, making a journey on public transport, or waiting in any queue! Then think of the angst that is caused by impatient people and the negative feelings that are aroused by them. Let’s all try to learn to be a little more patient.