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Tudor Primary School

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I have been looking forward to writing this web update. So much has happened in school recently and the standards of work around school are very pleasing. The new topics for the Summer term have proved inspiring to the children and there are already high quality displays around the school. This is very evident when I show our prospective parents around the school- the children are always keen to share what they are learning about and how much they are improving.

To ensure that all our parents are able to enjoy the 'Tudor standard', you will soon be able to see our 'whole school' display of work in the front entrance hall. Now that we have had the entrance hall redesigned and refurbished, we want to use the new display space for work from all ages in our great school.

As an example of how 'inspired' the children are, I thought that you would be very interested to hear why Mia of 1A received a letter from Buckingham Palace this week. It all started with the theme of castles and her school trip to Windsor Castle. After her visit there, she decided to write to the Queen to find out more information. She wanted to know the answer to some questions and Mia was thrilled to receive a reply this week! 

To see how our pupils are responding to the learning at Tudor is fantastic- keep it up children: there is no limit to what you can achieve!

From one of our younger pupils to those at the other 'end' of the school- year 6. It has been 'SATs Week' this week in school and I would like to commend the efforts of Mr Gayle, Miss Cox and the year 6 pupils. All children were present on every day of the tests and they all did their bit. The mantra of the week was, 'It was challenging but we did our best.'

Well done all of you- keep that up and you will always be successful. I trust that you also enjoyed your 'treat' of a visit to Quasar this morning. I know that Mr Gayle was especially excited- from what I understand, he goes there a lot.

Here is our amazing year 6 team. We are very proud of you all!

It is our 'Summer Assessment Week' next week in school and I am confident in that the children will be able to show a great deal of progress. The results and data gained will also help us target our efforts for the rest of this academic year and beyond. Please be assured that you will all receive clear information on how well the children have progressed (educationally and socially!) in our end of year consultations. An end of year report will be shared in this summer 'parents evening' and you will have oppoirtunities to hear about future targets for your child. I know that this 'new approach' to reporting at Tudor will provide you with valuable and transparent information on your child's development.

You may have read a lot of stories in the press recently about the pressures on school budgets. The educational 'landscape' continues to be challenging and this certainly the case at the moment. What is proving very hard to manage is the increased expectations on budgets- doing more with less continues to be the expectation set by government. Please be assured, though, that Tudor Primary continues to be an efficient and well managed school with passionate and committed staff and a strong Governing Board. As well as planning for structural changes to the building so it meets the needs of our future, I will endeavour to ensure that your children have the highest quality professionals working with them each day- after all, that is what our wonderful pupils deserve.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mr Rob Weightman/ Headteacher