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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Our latest web update- 'Leading the Changes'

Latest news and pupils' views!

Listening to the results of the General Election, we must note that it is not just the views of the adult voters that matter: the Tudor pupils have also completed an in-depth questionnaire. We are keen to ensure that we understand what our most important 'voices' are saying about life in Tudor Primary. The children clearly had some strong views about life at Tudor and they also were keen to tell us the specific changes they wanted to see. A link to the 'full' results is avaliable here.

Speaking of changes, I am sure that you have all seen how the 'visual appearance' of the school is changing at the moment. Feedback has been very positive so far and it will not be long until the school has a much more modern 'feel'. As well as new windows (and walls!), we have planned for a number of additional changes such as access for children in year 1 to outside spaces. I look forward to being able to share these additional plans with you. A big thank you for your understanding (and cooperation) during the works- Mr Donley, our new site manager, deserves special praise for ensuring the school remains safe, and open- even during a polling day!

Understanding the views of parents is vital and, as Ofsted highlighted, we are able to enjoy very strong relationships with the parent community. Overall feedback continues to be excellent and it is apparent that parents do recognise how our school continues to evolve and grow. I do recognise that parents are keen for more sporting opportunities to be offered outside of school time and, therefore, I am excited about the 3 new clubs that are taking place this term. 'Mini-Athletics' was over subscribed by a large number and I have now sourced additional support so no child 'misses out''. It is fantastic to see such high interest in sport at Tudor Primary and I look forward to our school being represented (and being successful!) in competitive sport. 

I am also keen for the school to make links with other high quality sporting providers. 'Spartan Bootcamp' sessions are starting soon and we still have spaces for children in KS2 (Years 3-6). We also have the potential to offer evening sessions for parents and children to take part together- do tell us if this would be of interest to you.

The NSPCC workshop that was arranged by Ms Smith was well attended. Over 40 families were represented and they were able to hear advice on how to help their children keep themselves safe.

The breakfast club continues to grow in popularity. Children in years 4,5 and 6 are able to access FREE breakfast care from 8.05 EVERY day. Investment in the range of 'food options' as well as computing and learning resources highlights how highly we value the impact that this club has with the children who attend. If you want to find out more about the breakfast club, do contact the school- we are confident that Tudor is 'leading the way' with such offers to parents...

As we now enter the final half term of the year, there is a lot to 'fit in' before the summer holidays. Sports Day is planned for Friday 14th July and I am sure that this will be an enjoyable day for all. Our 'Culture Club' event will take place on Tuesday 18th July and I am looking forward to this- I understand that this event proved very successful last year and Miss Reading (welcome back!) is planning for a wide range of activities and workshops. 

The FOT continue to work hard 'behind the scenes'. If you want to see who was the winner of our recent scavenger hunt as well as find out what other fun events are being planned, follow this link.

It is not long until our final parent consultations during which you will receive an 'end of year report'. Please make sure that you have 'booked a slot' online.  Follow the instructions at:

The school has just completed another assessment cycle. Rates of progress for children across the school have risen considerably this year and we look forward to being able to share specific outcomes of your children during the summer consultation. I would like to commend the teaching team at Tudor for their efforts regarding the attainment and progress of your children and we will endeavour that such progress will improve even further in the future.

In respect of the staff next year, I am currently finalising the plans for the organisation of the teaching team - I am sure that you will be happy to hear that we have a 'complete team' of strong and commited staff who are looking forward to 'unleashing' our brand new thematic curriculum...

Mr Rob Weightman