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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Being 'Sun-Safe' at school...

We all need to do our bit when the sun is shining...

In our morning assembly today, we talked about all the things we need to do to make sure we are safe in the sun.

The children were keen to put their hands up and share ideas about keeping as comfortable as possible. Their ideas included:

- making sure they have sun cream applied correctly

- having sun hats (and making sure they are on the right way round!)

- staying out of the sun

- having a water bottle (with water in it!)

We also talked about making sure they made the right choices.

A decision that I made as headteacher today was to keep the children inside at lunchtime. Whilst the children in reception were able to sit under the shade of the trees, the rest of the school stayed in their classrooms. This was not the most popular decision (especially from our sport-loving pupils), but I am sure, considering the lack of shade we have on/ around our playground, it was the correct one!