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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

The Tudor A-Z of 2016-2017...

During our final assembly,  we looked back at the last academic year... 

The final assembly of each term is always an exciting time as it is a celebration of what has happened that term. Children are excited to see if their name is called out as one of the winners of the Headteacher's Award and other certificates are also awarded for high attendance and other achievements.

Our final assembly today was certainly a busy one as there were so many positive things to share. If you would like to see if your child made it on to the 'Tudor Roll of Honour' follow this link. There were some very excited and proud faces at the front of the hall today- the winners even had special 'Tudor Thrones' to sit on!

The Tudor A-Z of 2016-2017 was also shared. Mr. Weightman had put this together to help remind everyone about things that have happened during the year. This did bring a few smiles (and giggles) from all in the hall.

Here is the A-Z- I am sure that you can remember these events- some more than others...

A- Allen- Mrs Allen responded to the call when we needed someone in 1A- and standards quickly improved!

B- Babies- Headteachers find it hard to cover maternity leave- there’s been two Tudor babies born in a single year!

C- Changes- yes I admit it, there’s been a few... they’ve all worked though ;)

D- Deputy Head- Ms Smith has been our first non class teaching deputy- and hasn’t she done well!

E- Early Years- what a team!

F- Farewell to some valued members of staff...

G- Good- from Ofsted- a big step in the right direction!

H- Happiest, clappiest, friendliest children in the world- what great pupils we have...

I- Increasing progress- don’t we all just love those ‘Pupil Progress Meetings’!

J- Jeff Rich from Status Quo came to play the drums for us all- the video can still be viewed on the website

K- Kalilah in year 6- the scream she let out at Chessington on the boat ride was the loudest thing we have ever heard.

L- Learning new things and LOVING LEARNING

M- Music with Miss Bell- she makes sure we sing with gusto!

N- New equipment, new furniture, new walls, new windows...

O- Ofsted- say no more... the team did very well.

P- Playground equipment- learning to skip, hula hooping and balls for all classes to play with!

Q- Quadrants in maths- making sure those real life and open ended maths problems are included

R- Refurbishment- from small spaces to big rooms ...

S- Sitting on tables for lunch... some changes just HAD to happen...

T- Team Tudor or Target Tracker- you decide!

U- Unwelcome visitor- someone broke into our school- well done to the police for solving the crime

V- Val- she will be sorely missed- i’m sure she’ll stay in contact

W- Website- it’s awesome isn’t it- PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU USE IT!

X- Xmas shows- we even had one outside... and the sun shone!

Y- Year 6- an example to everyone- well done to all of them- good luck next year!

Z- ZZZZZZZZZZ- we can all catch up on some sleep in the summer!


As the above highlights, the year of 2016-2017 was a year that saw many things happen- thank you to all of the school community for playing their part in ensuring that it was a success!