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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

'Into October'..our latest web update

Hall extension project is exciting but it will have to come 'at a cost'...

It is just over a week since the last newsletter was released. There was a number of important news items shared and the main theme was about everyone working together to do 'their bit' in helping Tudor Primary be successful.

I do hope that the 'intention' of the newsletter was received in the right way- whilst the core part of my role is making sure that children are safe and supported in school, issues such as parking and (to some degree) attendance are  often factors beyond the 'direct control' of the school. I do hope that by providing additionbal guidance, the problems can ease. 

Another issue that is (frustratingly) difficult to control and/ or plan for is our much needed hall extension. The extension has been in the planning stage for a number of years now and it is pleasing to now state that we are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. The governing board has been fantastic in supporting here and it appears that we could well have a 'new hall' in place by the end of January. Whilst this is exciting, it will obviously cause some disruption in the months up to that point. We hope to have hall space available to the children for much of the 'build' but at this point it is an impossibility to plan for any festive events that would usually happen at the end of the year. Please be assured that the staff are already thinking of ways to make this Tudor Christmas just as enjoyable for the children but we will be unable to offer any class festive assemblies in school for parents to watch for the simple fact that there will not be a hall.

Since the new leadership team has been in place we have introduced a number of ways for parents to be involved in school life more from parent assemblies and coffee mornings to additional parents evenings and increased reporting feedback too. I do hope that you understand the issues that we are facing in school at the moment- we know, though, that a new hall that the children can access and enjoy EVERY day will more than make up for this disruption.

The work in classrooms at the moment is really pleasing and I am sure that parents are looking forward to the first of our 3 consultation evenings for the year. Please make sure that you have requested a time slot on line for this vital meeting. Follow this link for information on booking.

The current staff team at Tudor is a real strength of ours and the children have clearly enjoyed the start of term. The new thematic approach to the curriculum is very evident across the school and the children have responded very well to finding out about 'Courage'- our value of the month for September. On Monday 2nd October, the children will find out who has been nominated for an aware for showing 'courage' when in school. I must say that the emails that staff have been sharing about nominations  are incredibly rewarding to read- what a wonderful family of children we have here at Tudor!

An example of how our thematic learning has inspired the children was when I was shown some historical home learning from Jack D in year 4. Whilst at home he researched some animals in history (some were now extinct), used  his IT to enter the 'characteristics' of these animals into an Excel spreadsheet, then used his creative skills to make Top Trump cards for a game that he could then use in a game with his father- well done Jack- that is what home learning is all about!  

Assessment week took place last week and it is great to see how the changes in the delivery of the curriculum put in place last year are showing impact. Reading progress is much improved as well as the ability to respond to calculations in maths. The children do find more difficulty when using/ adapting their maths with real life problems (reasoning) but the staff have already put in place a number of strategies to solve this going forward.

Our Tudor Value for October is 'Self Belief'- let's go for it and give this month our all!

Mr Weightman/ Headteacher