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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

'Unanimous pride in the school'- Go TeamTudor! 

School receives positive feedback following county review...

Just before half term, the school was visited by a Hertfordshire Lead Adviser and a consultant Headteacher. This was part of a review to evaluate how effectively the school supports children and families.

In many ways, the review was just like a 'mini-inspection': staff, children and governors were interviewed, standards in class were evaluated and the range of evidence requested was wide.

Whilst the post-review feedback was positive, we are really pleased to say that the outcomes of this process have been positive and the report that has now been sent to the school highlights some real strengths. What is fantastic to note is that many of the strategies that support the school community have been put in place during the last 12 months and it is great to know that they are making a difference.

Here are some of the quotes from the report:

'Behaviour for learning in this school is a great strength. There is strong evidence of a readiness to learn. The high expectations, equality of opportunity and strong commitment to values based education contribute to the vulnerable children (and others) feeling happy, successful and valued.'

 'A great strength of this school is that it takes the time to know its community and their precise needs and addresses this in its practices and initiatives.'

'The school understands the importance of improving attendance and has created an effective strategy to manage this.'

'It is evident that a great deal of reflection and thought is going into the provision for the most vulnerable learners and there is a clear understanding of the importance of ensuring that the strategies are bespoke to the learners needs.'

'There was unanimous pride in the school.'

'Quality learning environments saw tasks well matched to learner needs... saw engaged learners...palpable enjoyment by learners.'

'The governing body is very committed to supporting the achievement...'

As you can imagine, the staff team at Tudor are really happy about this acknowledgement and recognition from county about what we do for the children and families of our school community. We recognise where we need to improve further and it is positive to note that key next steps had already been identified and form part of our plans for further development.

We are very aware of the 'Tudor Atmosphere' that permeates our school. To read how the county advisers views mirror those of the many other visitors (including prospective parents) is something that should make us feel very proud indeed..

Well done everyone!

The Tudor Team