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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Collection arrangements- TUESDAY 12th DEC

Feel free to collect children from 2.45pm onwards if you wish...

Ensuring safe collections...

Mid-Afternoon UPDATE

Whilst the school day will still 'officially' end at the normal time of 3.15pm, we are happy for children to be collected from 2.45pm. This 'extended collection time' will mean that there is less pressure on the roads outside at the end of the day.

Children will be in class but access to the site will be possible from 2.40pm. Collect from usual doors. The only slight change is 1P (Mrs Allen's class)- use the year 1 double doors.

Children in years 4,5,6 who walk home (without adult supervision) will obviously remain in school until 3.15pm.

I notice that forecasts state that temperatures are now likely to increase and the 'heavy rain' tomorrow will be able to wash all the snow and slush away (as well as the huge amount of salt that we put down this morning!).

I think we will all look forward to a 'return to normality' tomorrow...

Thank you for your continued support of Tudor Primary.

Mid-Morning UPDATE- Well done EVERYONE!

It's 10.15 am and all the classes are showing high attendance. Whilst it was more of a struggle today to get to school, the comments from parents were overwhelmingly positive. It was really pleasing to hear how the web updates proved helpful- clear communication will always make things easier.

We know that we cannot please everyone but we want to prove that we will do all that we can to keep your children safe (whilst also ensuring they  receive a super education!). ALL teachers are in and ALL are teaching great lessons... go TeamTudor.

But what about our Open Air Concert?

I am currently looking at re arranging our Christmas Carol Concert because I know the school community will enjoy it- next Monday (18th December) is a STRONG possiblity but I need to make sure of a few things before I confirm this date- THIS IS NOW CONFIRMED FOR 3.30PM!

Once again, it was great to see you all again this morning and the smiling faces of the children really helped us 'deal' with what was always going to be a 'troublesome' start to the day...

Nearly everyone is in today:


Tuesday 7.00am update

I attach some photos below- the site team have worked amazingly well and the school is ready for learning and fun. A big thank you to Mr Donley. What a team we have here...

Ensuring the safety of the children:


Stay off the snow and you'll be safe to go...

See you all soon...


We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 12th December. The Tudor team will be excited to see the children back in school - I’ve even heard of teachers who live further afield making plans to stay at the homes of colleagues closer to school... it’s going to be cold but there’s still so much Tudor fun we need to fit in before we break up next week...

Our breakfast club will be open and Kool Kats will be operating as usual.

Do look at the updates below- we will be keeping registers open for longer to allow for any delays that parents may face.


We have been present on site this morning ensuring that we can make the school accessible for the pupils to return tomorrow. 

It is likely to be very cold so please do all that you can to stay safe on the way into school. Consider what you can do to help keep the surrounding roads as clear as possible. Whilst we can do lots on the site to minimise risk, we need everyone to 'play their part'. But we do want to see you all...


To help:

-Registers will remain open until 10am to allow for additional journey times.

-More 'substantial' footwear can be worn if required.

-Additional members of staff will be on the gate providing information about routes to classes.

Please do not encourage your children to stray off paths and onto the playground- it is likely to be very icy and, whilst in might look inviting, 'ungritted areas' will be slippery.


Previous updates...

Sunday 10th- 4.30pm

After careful consideration (and taking a number of factors into account), I have taken the decision to close school for tomorrow (Monday 11th December).

A number of staff (and governors) have visited the site and surrounding areas and all of the information points to the fact that it will not be safe to open. Please do recognise that this is not a course of action that I enjoy taking as I will always endeavour to keep the school open whenever possible.

Please continue to use this website to ensure you remain updated. The school has also sent texts to all parents (on the system) as well as updating the 'Everbridge' site (as per our emergency school closure approach).


Sunday 3pm UPDATE

CURRENT STATUS- open tomorrow but decision will be made this evening. 

I am planning to make a decision on whether the school will be open tomorrow this evening. I am in conversation with other local headteachers as well as staff who live locally (and further afield).

I have attempted to travel to the school today and I have been unable to complete that journey. Part of my morning has even involved helping stranded motorists get their cars moving! 

I do not want to leave the decision until the morning. As a parent of young children myself, I believe I must give the community of our school as much time to put other plans in place. I do not want to keep all parents 'holding on' and/ or, even worse, opening and then having to close.

What is a concerning is the weather forecast for Hemel Hempstead for the next period of time. The BBC weather site forecasts more snow for the rest of the day and the low temperatures will only make the situation worse. However, we are fully stocked up with grit and snow shovels and I have a desire to show that Tudor can cope with adverse weather. My priority must be the safety of children and staff and as a large school we have children from a wide area that would need to safe to get to us safely. Many of our staff also have quite long distances to travel and this will obviously be  factor in my decision.

Our Carol Concert (that was due to take place on Tuesday) will have to be postponed though- whilst the Tudor spirit would have been 'warming', the thought of 400 people on an icy playground (in minus temperatures) is not something I can commit to! I am determined for the children to have an opportunity to share the songs with you at some point though and if we have to have a Christmas Concert in January then that is what we must do!

Thanks for using the website to keep updated!

Happy Sunday Morning All,

Current status - OPEN TOMORROW 

I was confident our open air concert was going to be incredibly festive but I think our order of a ‘light dusting of snow’ has been misunderstood. 

It is now 9am on Sunday morning and I understand that some parents on social media have already been enquiring about whether school will be open tomorrow. Please be assured that I will endeavour to ensure that any decision made will be one that has the true interests of our community at heart - of all ages.

I am in contact with other local heads but I must acknowledge that our school is not in the ‘flattest of areas’ and the likelihood of gritted roads around Redwood Drive is low. 

You may recall that there was also a number of additional measures put in place ON our site last year and our committed site team know how to minimise risk. But there is only so much we can do...

Therefore, we plan to be OPEN at present but with continued snow forecast and very low temperatures following we must recognise the potential for a closure.

Regarding the concert on Tuesday, I am less optimistic: our playground is very open and with very low temperatures likely, the snow will become only more icy and slippery.

DO KEEP CHECKING THIS SITE FOR UPDATES... my day will be spent gathering as much information as possible so that I can get the necessary updates to you all in good time...

In the meantime... enjoy the snow...