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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Latest Newsletter- Half way through the year...

Lots of important information to share!

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Dear Parents/ Carers,

The half way point of the academic year is a good time to take stock of what we have achieved so far this year. The impact of the new thematic curriculum is evident across the school and the outcomes of the children (both in results and the work visible around the school) fills us all with a lot of confidence for the future. Do look at our school twitter page (Tudor Primary HH) regularly as this will be used to highlight important website news as well as share examples of super children’s work… and there is a lot of that in school at the moment. I have now been head for a year and a half and the vision that I had for Tudor’s future is becoming more evident- please be assured that we are only just getting going.

The staff continue to respond very well to the ‘demands’ of the school leadership. In fact, I could not have had a more ‘supportive bunch’ and they are leading the classes very well- the proof is in the positive faces of the pupils as well as the standards of work on the walls. Look at how well Cherish (in Red Class) is working…

In terms of staffing, I am committed to ensuring that we have the best team available and I was very pleased to have a high quality response to our latest job advert. In these (highly) challenging times for teacher recruitment, we have to ‘stand out from the rest’ to attract the best teachers out there, mind you, our biggest selling point is the Tudor children…

Maintaining high quality ‘Behaviour for Learning’

If you did not read our recent web update, we have refined our ‘Behaviour for Learning’ policy. As many observers continue to note, Tudor enjoys very high standards of behaviour and, to help ‘maintain our focus’ here, the staff team, children and governing board would like to share the 3 core principles that we expect from all members of our community:

Be kind                                 Be respectful            Be responsible

If we all truly commit to such principles, our school community can flourish…

Parents playing their part…

It was super to see so many parents this week during our consultation evenings. If you were unable to make an appointment, do make sure you contact the school as soon as possible: parental engagement in their child’s learning is of vital importance and, without this, the potential of children will always be limited. We are very proud of the ‘extra’ things we do for many of the families at Tudor- whilst certain things will not be common knowledge, such support that could be ‘considered above and beyond’ is what makes the Tudor team so proud to be here. If you are ever in need of support, please do contact the school- you may be ‘surprised’ at what we can do for you!

The Tudor Book Day- Friday 9th March

You will receive additional information about our ‘Tudor Book Day’ (or week!) that Miss Cosby, our talented English Lead, has organised for you. You may notice that it is on a different day to one that other schools have it on- we just want to make ours more special!

Sporting Success…

When I first arrived, the ‘sporting situation’ was something I wanted to change very quickly. Mr Higgins (and Mr Miller) continue to make great strides forward and they deliver sports coaching to EVERY child EVERY week. And it’s working too: this week we achieved  2nd place in a Dacorum athletics festival out of 44 schools. See more on twitter- TudorSport

Breakfast club update

We will be sharing information about the ‘new’ breakfast club after half term. We plan to offer high quality breakfast care to parents from Reception to Year 6 from the Summer term onwards. We are looking to offer 80 spaces for children from 7.45am-8.45am each morning and we hope that this is able to satisfy the demand for this provision. As highlighted previously, we pledge to offer this at a price that is good value but one that also enables the club to run the right way!  

Attendance- highlighting how this helps…

I have already mentioned the vital role that parents play in their child’s education. I remain concerned that our overall attendance is lower than it should be. We are determined to rectify this and we have MANY examples where dialogue between the school and families have resulted in HUGE improvements in the rate of attendance for certain children and families. Such engagement will help make a positive impact in their lives… after all, as highlighted within our agreed school vision- it’s about BUILDING FUTURES…   

Please do not park on the yellow lines!

I do enjoy welcoming families onto our site in the morning and this also provides me with an opportunity to ‘monitor’ the traffic outside. Whilst my ‘legal’ influence is rather limited beyond the school boundary I would like to remind parents that they should not park on the zig zag yellow lines, even if this is for a few moments to allow a child to exit your vehicle.

Friends of Tudor Scavenger Hunt

Good luck to all the children when completing the FOT Scavenger Hunt- go for it! Sheets can be downloaded from our website-

It’s not long until the next Tudor Owls Cake Sale:

Tudor Owls- Friday 23rd February) is cake day. This time it will be the turn of the children in Y1 to provide biscuits and Y5 to provide cakes. Tudor Owls charge 20p for each cake or for two biscuits. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN CAKES/ BISCUITS THAT CONTAIN NUTS- THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


Enjoy the half term- let’s hope it warms up!

Mr Rob Weightman/ Headteacher