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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Enjoy the half term break!

A big well done to all of the Tudor Community...

Once I was informed that I was successful on interview many other headteachers called me to tell me that that nothing quite prepares you for your first headship. I must say that those words have proved to be very true in regards to my first half term at Tudor Primary.

So much has happened already that the Summer holidays seem an age ago. The children are now clearly settled in their new year groups and the learning is well underway. The new merit system in key stage 2 has been a super success and I am looking forward to handing out the first bronze badges. I am sure that the children will wear them with pride... 

‘Behind the scenes’ the staff have also taken on board a number of changes. We now have a brand new approach to assessment and the staff have been able to target the needs of individuals and groups with much more efficiency. This was very evident in our first PPM (Pupil Progress Meetings) week when the senior teachers and each year group formulated approaches to target additional progress. Some of the ideas generated have been quite imaginative - we really made sure that ‘Growth Mindset’ was key. From next half term, children (and parents) in year 2 will be able to enjoy our ‘Reading Drive’ mornings - every morning the classes will be open early to allow parents and their children to enjoy quality time in school to share the experience of reading. Maths mornings will also be taking place in many year groups before the start of the school day and children will be able to enter the Maths prize raffles.

The pace of innovation will not be slowing either. We have now invested in tablet based technology to enhance the understanding of multiplication tables and children in years 3-6 will have daily intensive sessions to support this important number skill. Keep an eye on the website for updates on how the children are getting on.

And we have also invested in a brand new reading scheme!

Whilst not as ‘exciting’ for the children, I am sure that all of the school community will be pleased to hear that we are installing a brand new phone system to ensure that communication with the office is easier... and do not forget that it is not long until our online payment system goes live.

Regarding the building, I am keen to ensure that the look of the front entrance building reflects the quality of what goes on inside. There will soon be a redesigned front entrance as well as an enhanced office area - you will even notice a brand new member of the office team in the near future!

Hopefully the above has captured the excitement (and flavour) of what life is like at Tudor Primary at the moment. What remains our greatest strength, though, is the positive attitude and behaviour of our fantastic children who have made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived.

Enjoy your half term break... see you all at the ‘FOT Fright Night’!

Mr Rob Weightman