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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

First newsletter of the year! Lots to find out...

From new classrooms... to clubs... to helpful hints- be informed!

Newsletter 1- Wednesday 5th September

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Welcome back to Tudor Primary for what is going to be an(other) tremendous year for the community of our school. I am very confident in what the academic year of 2018-19 will bring…

New children, new staff, new spaces

Whilst the last newsletter of last year highlighted how some ‘Tudorites’ were moving on, it is natural to feel excited about welcoming those who are new to our school. First of all, I would like to welcome any families who are reading a Tudor newsletter for the first time - the majority of you will be parents of our youngest children but we also welcome a number of other families in other year groups too. We also welcome some new members of the staff team and, as I have said before, I am VERY excited about the team we now have in place- the children are sure to have a great year. Lots of fun learning is being planned!

The changes to the school site that we had planned for the summer have ALL been successful too. As you can imagine, the summer break allows more extensive works to be carried out and the school really now looks wonderful throughout. The last two years have seen a huge number of projects undertaken and we are now seeing what the true potential of this site can offer. It really is becoming a school site of the highest quality… and we will continue to make it even better!

I must say that the reception and nursery refurbishment has been very pleasing- the inside space has been absolutely transformed. I have always been impressed with the standards of teaching in that part of the school and now the staff have a space that mirrors their ability!     

Next week, the teachers of years 1-6 will be holding their ‘meet the teacher’ meetings.

This will be a short, informal opportunity for you to meet your child’s teacher as well as hear about what the children will be learning about and doing in what is always a very busy term. The meetings will take place at 2.45pm. The dates of the meetings (and where each meeting will take place) are as follows:

Mon 10th Sept- Year 1 (1P)             Tues 11th Sept- Year 2 (2R)             Wed 12th Sept- Year 3 (3T)

Thurs 13th Sept- Year 4 (4U)            Fri 14th Sept- Year 5 (5X)                 Mon 15th Sept- Year 6 (6Z)

Communication is a key part of any school and I am proud of what Tudor does in respect of this. Your child’s home/school diary is vital as this will enable you to maintain a dialogue with your child’s teacher. If something is a little more ‘important’ you are able to see your teacher before or after school. Please do recognise, though, that such moments of the day can be quite busy and, more often than not, arranging a specific meeting may be easier- feel free to arrange them via the school office and/ or the teacher. As Headteacher, I will continue to be accessible as much as possible so do look out for me at the start and end of each day. For information about news and the running of the school, check the website first- I predict the answer to most queries will be there…

Taking advantage of online payments- SchoolGateway

The start of the year is a perfect time to remind parents about the use of school gateway app for online payments. We hope that as many parents (new or those who have been here longer!) as possible take advantage of this effective and efficient way to make school related payments.

School dinners will remain at £2.50 per meal for Autumn term for children in years 3,4,5 and 6.  Please remember that meals must be paid for in advance – whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly.  You can even load up for the full half term which is £97.50 or the full term for £182.50.  The office team would really appreciate it if more families use this safe and secure method.

New clubs for the Autumn term…

Keep an eye out for letters for the clubs that will be taking place this term. Once again, we are offering a range of fun clubs at subsidised prices. Do check those book bags– forms need to be back by THIS Friday (7th  September) at 9am so we can get them up and running starting this coming Monday!  A ballot system will be in operation for any oversubscribed clubs.

If you receive financial support, the costs of these clubs are subsidised further- do come and see the office if you are unsure whether you are eligible for PPG support.

The Tudor Breakfast Club- one of the clubs we are most proud of!

Booking is open for our amazing breakfast club. We are committed to ensuring as many children can attend as possible and it will remain subsidised to keep costs low and affordable. Contact the office for more information- it provides a fantastic start to each day!

Starting and finishing each day in the right way

Don’t forget that school is open from 8.45am each morning and children can enter classes from this time. Learning activities are available and we hope as many children as possible take advantage of these ‘extra opportunities’.

Parking remains a problematic issue for many schools and concerns only appear to arise at Tudor when some families are insistent on parking as close as possible to the school. Do consider leaving your car a little further away where there is a lot more space. The subsequent short walk is likely to be stress free too! If you do find yourself becoming frustrated with the behaviour of other parents, please do try to recognise the impact on young children of any resulting discord. 

Please be assured I will continue to focus on ensuring high levels of attendance for all those who are part of the Tudor community. I am extremely proud to be the Headteacher of this school and it pleases me greatly to see how the children continue to be happy in school whilst educational standards for all ages continue to improve. We are all committed to providing the best for your children and if we were able to hit attendance targets of 97%+ for all children, I would be the happiest Headteacher around- please do all that you can to make sure your child attends school each day.

Here’s to a great year… for the greatest children…

Mr Rob Weightman/ Headteacher