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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Web UPDATE- November into December...

Make sure you stay informed- there's a lot to know!

The dark evenings are certainly upon us aren't they. The weather was rather gloomy all week but that did not stop the Tudor children from having another super week in school. My favourite moments as headteacher are when children turn up at my door to show me how proud they are of their work. I have seen some super examples lately and it continues to impress me how far they have come from the start of term.

It will not be long until the Christmas assemblies and these will be the first 'productions' to take place in the new school hall. You should have already received your entry wristbands (how professional do we do things at Tudor!) so please do look after these until the performance- you will need them to gain entry. As the letters have highlighted, if you do not need any of the wristbands you have been given, do hand them into the office so they can be redistributed via a ballot to families who require more. Please do not place them on ticket resale websites such as viagogo or eBay ;)

If you are attending one of the evening performances, we will also be offering some festive refreshments afterwards and we do hope you can join us for that. After all, this time of the year is about enjoying the company and goodwill of others. We are also offering child care services for siblings so that parents can attend the performances together- contact the office for more details on this. You don't get that level of service at Wembley arena or the o2 do you!

It was super to see so many of you at the Frost Fayre last weekend. The FOT continue to do an amazing job in raising funds to support the children of Tudor Primary and I am sure that lots of people will also be enjoying the FOT bingo tonight (30th November).

On a less positive note, I would like to highlight an issue that is becoming more evident in regard to packed lunches. More information will follow about this but the contents of some children's lunch boxes have raised concern. Our duty of care to children is something we take incredibly seriously and this obviously extends to the health and wellbeing of the children who come to Tudor each day. Even with the best intentions, packed lunches are very hard to keep healthy and I recognise this as a parent myself- they can also become a very expensive option too so I would ask all parents to consider using the school dinner service at Tudor. Don't forget that ALL children from Reception to Year 2 get this for free and it really helps to introduce children to a range of tasty and balanced meals. This is when children really need to start making the right choices. The easiest decisions are not always the right ones. Here is a link to an NHS page on healthy lunches for children:

Taking the above into account, we will place a letter in the packed lunch boxes of those that cause the staff concern. To put this into context, there have been children sent to school recently with multiple chocolate bars and/or complete (adult sized) packets of biscuits. We pledge to support families in any way we can and I trust that families recognise that we try to do his in the right way- even if some disagree.

I do not want to finish this newsletter on a negative note, so I would like to commend all of you who are helping Tudor show real signs of success with attendance. We are now consistently achieving levels above national average and such performance now reflects our academic achievement.

Let's all continue to really aim high for the children and community of Tudor Primary- it really is a special place...

Rob Weightman