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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

February 8th Newsletter (Number 10)- lots to find out!

Important news items for the half way point of the year...

Newsletter 10- Friday 8th February

Dear Parents/ Carers,

PPMs, Progress and Plans for the future…

I mentioned in the last newsletter how the mid-point of the year is an important period to evaluate how we are progressing. Teachers have been assessing how well the children are responding to targets (social and academic) and separate PPMs (Pupil Progress Meetings) have taken place with the leadership of the school and each year group. These help us identify next steps as well as plan for further investments in the school and the teaching provision. I must add, though, that they are extremely rewarding to be part of because they highlight what a super job the teaching team are doing with the children of Tudor Primary. We are a school that is experiencing more and more success with each key assessment point- whether it’s in Early Years, Key Stage 1 or with our oldest children. The outcomes of our year 6 children will always start with the provision we provide in the younger years and, to help highlight this, it has been super to see so many young children visit my room recently to share their great work.

Finlay and William were super proud of their maths work and happy to receive a ‘Headteacher Sticker’ for their efforts… 

Some exciting plans could be happening soon!

I was able to share some potential plans for an outdoor activity play centre for the Tudor children in assembly this week. Some companies have provided their ideas and these will be presented to a school selection panel shortly. We are very interested in the possibility of some local companies being able to sponsor this equipment which will be a focal point for the outside space for many, many years. If any of the parent community would like to find out more about how companies could be ‘celebrated’/ ‘advertised’ as part of this big development then do get in touch. If our plans and aspirations are realised, this area is sure to be a strength of Tudor for 20+ years! Any investment/ sponsorship/ advertising could make a real difference!

How safe are your children online?

The parents of year 5 and year 6 children received some additional correspondence from the school this week and this related to the growing problem of children’s accessibility to online technology. Whether it is via gaming and/or social connectivity, the potential for negative experiences is something you should not underestimate. As I have mentioned in previous newsletters, to hear that secondary schools find Monday mornings the most problematic period of the week due to the repercussions from the weekend’s activity online is very concerning. As someone who has been involved in education for 25 years now, the impact of such technology has been the biggest change I have seen- and it is only becoming more problematic. Do strongly consider if your children actually ‘requires’ a phone in the first place- especially ones that allow constant connectivity to other people (of any age). WhatsApp, for example, has a parental guidance age of 16+ and a number of our children are using this a great deal when outside of school. Fortnite is also a concern for primary schools despite the guidance of age 12/13+. The effect of this technology DOES impact on their feelings when in school. 

We look forward to seeing you all next week at consultations…

91% of families have now booked appointments for our consultation evenings next week. You will receive your child’s mid-year report and you will be able to hear those vital next steps that your children need to focus on going forward. Online booking is accessible at:

For those few families that are yet to choose a time, please do so as soon as you can. If you would prefer, speak to the school office to ensure you are able to find a time and support the progress of your child. Consultations are a vital part of any child’s schooling…

Become part of #TeamTudor

We are currently advertising for a Teaching Assistant position (fixed term contract)at the moment and further information is accessible online at . If, on the other hand, you would be more interested in supporting the children on a voluntary basis then please do contact the school office. I can assure you that working with the children at Tudor is extremely rewarding- every day is so different!

Lost Property- always an issue in changeable weather!

When each day can provide a range of weathers, the children do find it tough at times to ensure that their coats and jumpers find their way home each night. By us insisting that children have their coats outside, the children can be inclined to remove them once they have warmed up! Please be assured that if clothing is fully named and labelled it is quite simple to reunite the children with their items. Do look in the school lost property which is inside the entrance of the key stage 2 building if you are missing anything. The amount we have in school is rather large at the moment!

Equipment at playtime

There has been a lot of investment in play equipment for breaktimes in the recent past. Please do not allow your children to bring in any additional equipment of their own.

Dates for your diary…

Here are some important FOT dates for the rest of the academic year:

March- Disco 8th March, Bingo 29th March

May- Quiz night 17th May

June- Summer Disco 14th June

July- AGM 4th July, Summer Fete 6th July

Please support the Friends of Tudor in any way you can. I have worked in a number of schools in my career and our FOT are by far the most impressive parent committee I’ve seen! The next meeting is on Tuesday 26th February at 7.30pm in the staff room. Come along and join in…

I write this newsletter a week after the school had to be closed due to snow. Such decisions are always made with the safety of the children and staff in mind. In the past we have worked incredibly hard to get the school site safe but we do have to recognise that Tudor is on a hill. The fact that we had to park some way away from the school in the early hours last week (and walk the remainder) showed how a quick flurry of snow can lead to a closure. As my continued emphasis on attendance highlights, though, we are keen to ensure that children should have access to a daily education as much as possible!

Thank you for your continued support of Tudor Primary School…

Mr Rob Weightman/ Headteacher