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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

'Half time' for the academic year...

A time to recharge the batteries ahead of the important second half!

It was great to see all the parents and families at our Spring term consultation evenings this week. I was able to enjoy many conversations with parents about how their children are responding to what we are offering at Tudor Primary. I heard a lot of positive comments about the work that children are producing and it is clear that the children are enjoying the themes that they are currently learning about. The changes to the curriculum at Tudor have really inspired the children and, by looking at the super standards of work around school, they are having the desired impact too. The displays around school as well as the classrooms themselves evidence the hard work that all are putting into Tudor and we look forward to sharing even more amazing outcomes during the second half of the school year.

A big factor in helping the children do well is ensuing they have good attendance. The school Attendance Improvement Officer visited Tudor on the Friday of this week to see what we are doing to ensure children receive the consistent education that they are entitled to. It was super to share the impact of our efforts and Tudor Primary is doing really well now. The number of children regarded as persistent absentees is rapidly reducing and that is vital for the wellbeing of our young learners. Following Pupil Progress Meetings last week it is evident that those children who experience difficulty educationally are often those who do not attend school at the same rate as their peers. Improving attendance can make a MASSIVE difference to a child's opportunities for success.

Early next half term I will be sharing the plans of our Tudor activity play centre. This is sure to bring a lot of extra excitement to the school and it is something that the children really do deserve. As mentioned in the newsletter, we are hoping that a local company (or companies!) would be interested in sponsoring this activity apparatus that will be a focal point for the children for many, many years. Advertising spaces, etc are all possible and we would love to hear from anyone who would be able to support the school in this way.

As you can see, we continue to look at ways that we can refine and improve our school and this will help keep Tudor successful as a school that inspires, encourages and stimulates children each day. Whilst we look forward, we must take this moment to thank Mrs Rogers for her efforts since she joined us. She is off to work at the DFE (or is it the 'Ministry of Magic'?) and all at Tudor wish her all the best in this change of career. It is not a full goodbye, though, as Mrs Rogers plans to remain a member of our school governing board. This will mean that she can continue to enjoy working with this school of ours and help us continue to improve. After all, we NEVER stop learning...

Have a fun half term break and I look forward to seeing all the children return on Monday 25th February.

Mr Weightman