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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

IMPORTANT STATEMENT (Updated)- Tudor Primary School

Updated statement from Tudor Primary School in regard to Tudor Pre-School

This (original) statement is in response to the recent Ofsted Report for the Tudor Pre School.

The Tudor Pre- School is a completely separate organisation to Tudor Primary School. Whilst we share the same address, the Pre School has a separate staff as well as a separate leadership committee. Tudor Primary School and Tudor Pre School do not share any practices in respect of working with the children.

UPDATE- July 2019

Following some recent changes in the day to day leadership of the Tudor Pre-School, we are pleased to announce that Tudor Primary has now been supporting the Tudor Pre-School in their response to the required actions imposed by Ofsted.

This has involved the leadership of Tudor Primary leading training to the teaching team of the Tudor pre-school as well as sharing high quality practices in respect of working with children. This has included sharing robust and rigorous approaches to safeguarding as well as the most effective ways to facilitate high quality learning experiences.

This has been rewarding for both organisations and highlights the importance of working together within the community. Tudor Primary would like to state that it has actively endeavoured to develop more collaboration between the two settings for a considerable amount of time.

We wish Maggie Hind and her team all the best in the next stage of their development.