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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Prizes, progress and plans for the future...

An update about life in Tudor Primary!

The days are shorter and the air is most definitely colder but Tudor Primary continues to be a positive environment for the children. The update below will provide you with some information about the different experiences that occur during an 'average' week in school... if there ever is one!

The intervention strategies to accelerate progress that were formulated in our pupil progress meetings are now well underway. These range from focussed working with individuals on a specific area of learning, to developing the enjoyment of reading together for a complete year group. The success of the reading drive has been pleasing to see and the feedback from parents has been extremely positive. One parent commented that, 'It's hard to get him to read at home but he loves this!'

A big well done to the parents who continue to support this new strategy. Here's a photo to show how busy the rooms are each morning:

I also think the reading drive will become even more popular as the temperatures drop outside! The first set of Year 2 prize winners will be announced today. Keep an eye on the year 2 blog to see who won and find out which prize they chose- how exciting!

The children in upper key stage 2 have also played their part in our maths mornings which take place before school each day. Number operations is the focus and this regular daily revision will support them in their regular classwork. I have been really impressed with how the children are 'on it' and working away before the start of school. I must admit, the potential to win book vouchers in the prize draws has also proved tempting. Demi could not stop smiling when her ticket was pulled from the hat...

Do not worry parents of lower key stage 2: your children have also experienced something different. On Tuesday, the hall came alive to the sound of samba drumming as years 3 and 4 became a latin band for the afternoon. They all joined in superbly- when I went in to see how the children were getting on a percussion instrument was thrust into my own hand and I was soon involved.

I trust that the school newsletters (and these web updates) provide you with understanding about the lives of your children when in our school. 

I am spending a lot of time on parent tours at the moment and I am extremely proud when showing our 'future parents' around the school site. Whilst I am fully aware of the necessity to ensure the buildings continue to be modernised and brought up to the 'modern day', the content and positive faces of the children that greet each parent on the tours is by far our biggest selling point.

Next week, the focus for the senior leadership team will be the monitoring of teaching and learning and the continued development of our teaching team... 

I wish you all a happy weekend.