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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School continues to follow national guidance

If you are self- isolating and/ or unable to attend school, please feel free to view access the learning resources (including learning and fitness) on the separate tab in the news feed. We aim to enhance the range of activities regularly. 

If Tudor Primary closes at any point, we will provide additional guidance on activities/ learning support.  

There is also advice/ support information from Dacorum Family services. See attachment below.

Monday 16th March 9pm

'Good Evening' everybody.

There have been some questions about the likelihood of the year 1 trip to Willow's Farm going ahead tomorrow. Considering the good weather and wide open space that the children will be able to enjoy, the trip can still take place. Whilst not all may agree, the nature of the trip and the short coach journey is likely to mean a super experience for the children. They were certainly excited to talk about the trip today 

Assemblies have been cancelled and we continue to work hard to find (and implement) other ways to keep children and their families well cared for. 

If you have concerns about your own situation or your child's health please take advice by following the link below rather than phoning Tudor directly.

Our attendance was lower at Tudor than other local schools but I remain proud that our information sharing is open and honest and parents are being enabled to make the right decision for them and their own family situation.

If a decision is made to close schools, please be assured that we will give our all to ensure families continue to be supported with resources, support and guidance. 


Monday 16th March 2020- 2.00pm

In many ways it has been a fun day of learning like any other here at Tudor Primary today. Approximately 90% of children are in school and the classrooms have been buzzing away like on any other Monday in March. It was really useful to speak to a number of parents on the playground (and on the phone) this morning about the current situation and it was evident that parents do recognise the difficult situation that schools are in. Feedback was positive and I was happy to be able to respond to questions about individual situations. Open communication is key- please do continue to use the official lines of communication. I believe that Tudor continues to set a high standard here.

We continue to refine and enhance the range of additional measures that we are putting in place to help keep children safe and limit any potential spreading of germs. Incidentally, since the new leadership team of the school has been in place, the cleaning provision of the school has increased by nearly 50% and I believe that Tudor remains a clean, tidy and well ordered space.

I would like to share one thing that was noticeable today and that was the concern that the children have for their loved ones in their families. Do remember that children are usually very good listeners and their senses are clearly heightened at the moment. When out of school they are obviously hearing about the concerning impact of what is on the news at the moment and it is unnerving many of them. Do try and filter some of the more negative information they hear and engage them positively about the importance of society working together. In times of difficulty, we often see a polarization of the best and worst in the responses of people (for example panic buying!) and it is our duty to make sure we set the right example for our young Tudorites. It has been a 'good day' for children in school today and we are determined to make each day as rewarding and fun as it should be.

The smiling, happy faces (of all ages) that engage with us each day tells us that the children of Tudor get a good deal. Unless you have any major additional concerns, we look forward to seeing your children in school.

Mr Weightman

SUNDAY 15th MARCH 2020- 8pm

Tudor Primary will be open on Monday 16th March and it is expected to be open all week. The member of staff who was sent home as a precaution is no longer experiencing a high temperature but will still remain off work for the remainder of the week. 

The staff team have been given clear directives about expectations (if, for example they are showing any signs of 'COVID-19 related symptoms'-none are at present) and the priority remains the wellbeing and health of all concerned. 

This situation is certainly one that schools have not experienced before. I attended a headteacher meeting on Friday in which school leaders could share what actions/ responses they had delivered. I remain proud of our pro active response and the formulated plan that we have in place has been distributed in support of other schools. Tudor Primary is certainly a school that is trying to do the right things- including increased measures in place like additional handwashing/ enhanced cleaning/ plans for educational/ social support if schools are told to close and so on.

We remain on the front foot. However, we are fully aware that any decision made will not appease all differing viewpoints. Some headteachers  have even received complaints due to children having 'sore hands' due to increased handwashing- I am thankful that the majority in the Tudor community has been fair so far and recognise that we must all work together.

Tudor Primary pledges to be a 'true centre of the community' in the coming months (as always) and we are already planning ways to support those who are most needy in our locality. 

Please be assured that I will ensure open (and sustained) lines of communication with the parent community all week. 

Mr Weightman

Helpful link for Year 1 trip to Willows on Tuesday:



Tudor Primary School continues to be proactive in our response to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our children and families.

The school will follow any county/ national guidance in ensuring we are able to respond swiftly and effectively to any changes in situation. As well as increased measures that are already in place, there has already been a plan created to ensure that children and families are supported in the event of any potential school closure.

So what could happen if the school is closed to children?

There is an increasing likelihood that schools may be forced to close. Tudor Primary has invested in additional resources and we have planned for ways that we can continue to engage with children and families in the event of any closure. This includes plans for:

-provision of daily tasks and opportunities for regular feedback from teachers

-a menu of learning activities for children

-supporting vulnerable families with additional help for accessing foodbanks/ family support

-regular communication and support via the school website

In many ways, the potential impact of a school closure goes well beyond the 'learning' of children between the hours when a school is open. Many of our families use a range of services and support interventions organised by Tudor and we recognise the value these have for our community. 

We pledge that the team of Tudor Primary will do all it can to support our community in times of difficulty.   

Educational advice information shared in the attachment below.