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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

(UPDATE WEDS 24th March 1pm) #TeamTudor and HOME LEARNING

Let's all KEEP working together and be a true COMMUNITY...

Wednesday 25th March- 1pm

We have reached the mid point of this first week. There is no doubt that this period of our lives will be unlike any other. Please do follow the guidance from the government and keep your families safe.

The teaching team continue to get good feedback for the range of learning support activities that we are currently providing. Please be assured that we will refine and enhance this provision in the coming weeks (and maybe months). The key aim is engaging your children and helping them feel a part of their school even when they are at home. Evidence suggests that the majority of families are working with the school and the children are enjoying the interaction with their teachers. Please use the class emails (it is the class name and then the usual email- for example, for Miss Houston's 3S class).

I will be increasing the regularity of our newsletters and these will be sent to all families by email as well as shared on the website/ twitter pages at the end of each week. The content will obviously be adapted to our current needs and I will share helpful tips and ideas on supporting children at home as well as giving you the 'official' newsfeed for all things Tudor.

Mr Higgins' online sports activities are proving popular and I am sure many of you enjoy seeing the ideas he has for you each day. I like the balance between creativity, sport and fun- the perfect mix!

As time goes on, we are trialling different ways to support families when they are at home. I do not think we should simply ask families to print off pages and pages of online material and I know that 'interaction' with teachers needs to be sustainable. ALREADY THOUGH, children that are sending emails (examples of work, etc) are getting some detailed responses from teachers and this is being delivered from our youngest learners to those in year 6.

We continue to support the community in a range of additional ways and over 100 local elderly residents have already received some super gift parcels. Food drops offs are available and we are keen to reach out as much as we can to support families (and individuals) in this difficult time. Do contact the school ( if there is anything we can do to help- after all, we remain WITH you and we are FULLY committed to your children's social and academic development.   

The more you engage with us, the EASIER it is for us to get that support to you.


Tuesday 24th March- 1pm

Update on how Tudor is working in other areas

So far:

-over 100 gift packages given to elderly residents in the locality

-we're now supporting DENS with provision of regular meals/ packed lunches

Contact if you know of any local needs!

Monday 23rd March - 8pm

Good Evening Everyone,

There is no denying that today was a rather strange day. I do hope, though, that all of our young Tudor learners had a good go at their first day of learning from home. 

It is great to hear that MANY of you have already contacted your teachers on the new email addresses (see posts below for guidance). They PROMISE to support you and the more you do this, the more you will realise that we are TRULY with you all. 

You may have noticed that we have slightly reorganised the website to make the class links easier to find. The HOME LEARNING tab is now much more prominent at the top. Find you year group and ALSO USE THE BLOG to find further detail. This is found in a separate drop down menu within your year group page. Answers and support to the work can be found in there and you'll be able to find more activities to keep you flying forward!

Keep those pictures coming in and share your stories about how things are going. 

If there's any other ideas you have, email the school on and we will do what we can to make this new experience of Tudor learning even better.

We can honestly say that we missed you all today and school was a much lonelier place without the laughter and smiles that you all bring each day. Please DO KNOW that your teachers are keen to remain by your side and we hope that you are able to keep in contact with us using the email option.

Don't  forget to get involved with the other daily challenges too - Mr Higgins' fitness challenges will be regularly updated.

GO FOR IT #TeamTudor!

Mr Weightman 

Sunday 22nd March- 6pm

Good Evening,

Tomorrow should have been a Monday morning like any other but, as we all know, it is going to be very different. The children of Tudor Primary will not be putting on their blue jumpers or cardigans like they are so used to doing. They will not be sorting their book bag and they will not make their way to their classroom door to find their friends inside. As adults, we can try and empathise with what this will feel like for our young learners but I am not sure any of us can really fully comprehend what the future is going to bring.

The teaching team are determined to give their all for the children and I encourage all families to help their children access the activities that will be presented to the children. Your child's teacher is accessible via email (classname@tudor eg 4V@, 2R@, etc) and we hope to engage with the children and make them feel as fully involved as possible. As time goes on and more information becomes clear, we may need to further refine and enhance our approaches but I do feel that Tudor has been pro-active in planning for this 'different' situation. 

Some teachers have placed timetables in their blogs that you can use to help organise your days. As a parent myself, it all becomes a little more manageable when days are broken down into sections- after all, it's what we do each day anyway. As headteacher, I pledge to be as contactable and (safely) available as I can be. If your child/family would benefit from a phone call from school then please feel confident to request this. Also, if it's your child's birthday then do expect a phone call from the team too.  Many ideas are washing around our heads at the moment and I just hope we get the balance right. All at #TeamTudor will certainly be trying their best. 

Vulnerable people of all ages within the community are in our thoughts. Some members of the 'Tudor Teaching Assistant Team' are now in charge of distribution of the amazing donations that the school has received. One of their first tasks is to deliver a gift package to residents in a number of local care homes for the elderly. Many of these residents have been unable to see visitors and if there is anything that the team at Tudor can do to help them then we will try our best to bring some joy to them. Do remember to contact our new email address of if there is someone in our community that needs some support. It could be a gift of some food or even a letter from one of our caring pupils.

Those children who receive (benefit related) free school meals can also still collect a meal each day. If there are families that are struggling with provision of daily lunches, please do contact us- we pledge to help in any way we can. Our school has been selected as a hub from the provision of meals so we are in a good position to help.

School meals available for collection between 11.30am and 1.30pm. (Keep an eye on website for latest information)

A few parents asked me to speculate 'how long' all this could on Friday as they collected their children. The honest answer is that no one knows- it certainly does not seem to be a short term measure. The more we read the news, the more concerning the picture looks.

To conclude, good luck everyone with what tomorrow brings and remember that we will be one more day towards the end of this situation. Stay in contact with the school and remember that we are all still #TeamTudor!

Mr Weightman

Friday 20th March

As this week draws to a close, there is clearly a lot of uncertainty about what the next period of time may bring. The vast majority of children are going home from Tudor Primary today and they are unsure exactly when they will see their friends, see their teachers, play on the playground, walk into assembly, spend time in their classrooms. We pledge that we will continue to be involved in their lives and we are determined to make sure the range of activities and supports that are accessible to them will help engage them in a fun way.

If the last few days at Tudor Primary have given us an indication about how strong our community is we should all feel very confident. We have been overwhelmed with offers of support (in a range of forms) as well as the wonderful donations that have been received from individual families and international companies.

In relation to Tudor's support of the wider community, an email will be set up. This email is: (this email will go live in the next few days)

If you know of  any elderly/ vulnerable people in our local community who would benefit from a gift parcel of food (and other nice things!), do email the community@tudor address and we will aim to get these delivered in the subsequent period. TKMaxx have donated a phenomenal amount of food items and this has further complemented the donations from the Tudor parent community. A number of staff and parents have put their names forward to make sure that these care/ gift packages can 'make a difference' in these difficult times.

I hope that the children enjoy the learning activities. I have heard of some amazing additional plans that are in store and I only hope these do work and make the positive impact that they could have.

I must conclude this letter by sharing my adoration for the team at Tudor at this time. The children have been amazing and they are being incredibly brave. For some of our younger learners I am not sure that they really recognise what is going on but in many ways that can help protect them. The staff team (if I allowed them to) would commit to working 12 hours a day for as long as they physically could- we do have to manage our own expectations, though, and I have a duty of care to their wellbeing.

Please be supportive to each other and encourage your children to engage with Tudor using the range of opportunities that we have set up.

We have committed to supporting a high number of families with provision of 'in school care' in the next few weeks (and beyond). Our community has a large number of KEY workers who are CRITICAL in helping the country work- I am proud that we have been open to them as well as pro-active in helping things to return to normal.

After all, we are all in this together.