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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Vision... to reality!

Displays and Designs- Tudor staff flying high!

I highlighted in the most recent newsletter that the school had 'experienced' the first cycle of monitoring and evaluation by the new leadership team. The teaching team were keen to do well and I am pleased to report that many strengths were on show- not least the supportive, professional relationships that the teachers clearly hold with the children in our school.

The importance, however, of such monitoring activities is what comes next. Bespoke development advice as well as whole school foci are generated to help Tudor continually evolve and grow- we must ensure that we are always trying to learn as well as develop ourselves. The response that the Tudor teachers have already displayed has been great to see and I am excited to share some of the impact with you today.

By Tuesday of this week, Ms Smith had already formulated and written a new display policy so that staff have clear expectations for how to create high quality displays that celebrate the achievements of the children. Within this news update, there are images of displays that are present in school, some of which have even gone up this week. The staff should feel very proud of their achievements and I know the children are excited to see the standards that they have been able to create- go TeamTudor!

The staff have also been receiving training about the provision of reading activities in class. Part of this is learning about how to provide a broad range of questions to children so that we can ensure that they have a full understanding of the texts they read. These 'question types' will also be available very shortly on our website so you can support at home. I will ensure that there is a clear link from this news page to the relevant section. Please be assured that our new website will become a source of teaching tips and advice- it should certainly be one of your 'favourite websites' on your devices!

I trust that you will have received some letters about Christmas at Tudor. Christmas dinner is being offered without any cost to all the children in school and I am sure parents of children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 are looking  forward to the productions (do remember to return any unwanted tickets!). The organisation of the Singing Spectacular for Key Stage 2 will be shared shortly. The dates for all of these activities are on this website.

I would like our new website to be able to share the 'wider' success of the Tudor children. Whilst we know what they are achieving in school, I am always excited to hear about the amazing things they do outside of school. I enjoy being able to eat alongside the children at lunch and it is often during these moments that they tell me about the range of sporting competitions they enter- and often win! Therefore, if your child would like to have any county or national (or international!) recognition shared with our school community, then the new 'Tudor Talents' section of the website will be for you! Here is Katie of year 5 as Southern England Karate Champion to start us off...

I would also like to 'prepare' you for something a little different. I must say that one area of the school that does not display the standards we want is the front entrance and reception. I am sure that you will agree that is not the most attractive and well designed part of the building. Below, I am excited to share the plans for some building work that will be underway shortly. I know our wonderful office team cannot wait!  


Thank you for your continued support...