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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Art at Tudor

*Letter for art week 2023 is available below

At Tudor we believe that art isn’t like other subjects. It is a subject were children are able to explore and create their own art. They are able to make their own choices about what they create and how they create it. To do this we provide a broad and balanced art curriculum that teaches a wide range of skills and different aspects of art.

Digital art completed by a year 6 child

Often the phrase ‘I can’t draw’ is echoed in many children and adults before they have even had a go. At Tudor we create a culture in which children are able to have a go without fear of judgement. Children at Tudor understand that all art is different and most certainly not ‘perfect’. With all this in place students from Tudor Primary will leave school with a love of all things art and never say ‘I can’t draw’ again.

“If you hear voice within you saying, ‘I am not a painter,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent Van Gough

Art is a journey

Here at Tudor we work towards a final piece. To help us do this we use the art journey. Children complete the designing, making and exhibiting part of the journey at the end. However, warm up, art conversations, researching/exploring and drawing are all interchangeable parts of the journey and can be done as little or as much as they like.


What to expect in your child’s sketchbook:

  • No learning objectives or teacher marking. This is all done verbally throughout the lesson. Children are encouraged to treat their sketchbooks as their own personal journal.
  • Sketchbooks are full. A good sketchbook will be full of lots of art and look thicker than when the book started.
  • Sketchbooks will be ‘messy’. This is a space for children to make mistakes and explore for themselves. If that means they make a bit of a mess, then that is ok.
  • Knowledge organiser at the front of each topic. This will help with vocabulary and meaning of different skills and techniques that the children have been taught.


Painting completed by a year 4 child

“I love art because we get to learn how to create lots of different things in a fun and calming way.” (Year 3 child)

Below is a document that further outlines our approach to Art at Tudor.