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Tudor Primary School

Tudor Primary School

Research shows that feedback is the most important factor in pupil learning. Studies of feedback reviewed in the Teaching and Learning Toolkit found that ‘on average the provision of high-quality feedback led to an improvement of eight additional months’ progress over the course of a year’.

Tudor Primary School is committed to providing high-quality, relevant and timely feedback to children.

Marking is an essential component of feedback, but they are not the same thing. Marking is focused upon checking and correcting, whilst feedback is more focused on how successful something is and how it can be improved. This document outlines how, at Tudor, we are placing our emphasis on providing effective feedback to enable our students to achieve better progress.

“At its heart, it is an interaction between teacher and pupil: a way of acknowledging pupils’ work, checking the outcomes and making decisions about what teachers and pupils need to do next, with the primary aim of driving pupil progress.” (2016 Independent Teacher Workload Review Group)

Have a look at our 'Tudor Approach' below: